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    Okay guys. I've managed to transfer over the first half of the mons into the spreadsheet! :D


    Right now, that is 88 Pokemon we have created. That would mean we would have about 130-160ish in total at the current moment.

    The spreadsheet looks VERY lackluster, and so I think someone who is good at base stats to add them in, and others that are good at abilities add them in, and etc.
    If we make a universal account, then anyone who knows the email's password can edit it, but if you prefer to use your own email, then pm me it so I can add you to the whitelist.
    The perks of having your own email is that you can edit it anytime you wish, and at the same time someone else is editing it too :D

    So, umm, have fun with I did so far I guess
    I'll add in the rest tomorrow!
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