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I had a 3-step Fighting-typed Satyr/Minotaur pokemon in mind, but I found
that there were already a Minotaur pokemon...
Should I list them anyways?

& here's my Poison/Rock type pokemon, meant to be a legendary:

This pokemon is based off of Medusa. She (this pokemon is female only)
has a snake head with a torso & arms like a woman's, but has a long tail rather than legs.
(No snake "hair" in mind, as I felt that may be cliche...)
Metadusa (metamorphic + Medusa)
Solid Rock

Petifcation Pokemon
Gender Ratio: 0% 100%
If a living being makes eye contract, this pokemon can turn them to stone.
  • HP: 104
  • Attack: 88
  • Defense: 110
  • Special Attack: 150
  • Special Defense: 120
  • Speed: 95

Extra notes:
Can learn 2 new attacks:

Stone Glare
Type: Rock
Catergory: Other
BP: -- Acc: 80% PP: 10
Inflicts the Petified status condition.
the Petified condition is when the pokemon is turned to stone. while a statue, the pokemon cannot attack
but has inceased Defense & Special Defense. this condition doesn't wear off, but the pokemon can break free
with attacks that are super effective vs. Rock-types. Breaking free will reduce defenses to normal. in Double
& Triple battles, allies can break the Petified pokemon free while doing half the normal damage.

Legend Power
Type: Rock
Catergory: Special
BP: 100 Acc: 100% PP: 5
10% of inceasing Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense & Speed by 2.
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