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    Originally Posted by damientheomen3 View Post
    National Park Theme from G/S/C for sure. So damn calming, made me just wanna go out and catch as many pokemon as I could. #memories
    Maybe it's just the nostalgia rush but that tune makes my chest heavy, man. Really sad and sweet melody.

    Originally Posted by No Chance Without Zekrom View Post
    My favorite Pokemon music would be some of the legendary battle themes (the ones for the creation trio, Arceus, Black/White Kyurem, Ho-oh, Yveltal/Xerneas/Zygarde, and Deoxys) all the Champion themes (except for Iris's), and the Heartgold/Soulsilver Kanto Gym Leader battle theme.

    That battle theme is my jam!

    It's really hard to pick a favourite as Pokemon has such good music, but here are some top ones (not in any order):

    Blue Battle Theme - Pokemon Red/Blue

    Ice Cave - Pokemon Gold

    Mt. Coronet - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

    Piano Before Cynthia Theme - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

    Cynthia Battle Theme - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

    Cynthia Battle Theme - Black/White (yes I love Cynthia and her music haha)

    Route 113 - Ruby/Sapphire

    Abandoned Ship - Ruby/Sapphire

    Man I could go on and on. There's just too many to name!
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