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Originally Posted by AoTora View Post
I forgive you because you have the best profile picture ever (Just kidding - it's no biggie )
LOL thanks! It's amazing what you can do with google, photoshop, and mediocre skill

Originally Posted by CDChaser View Post
Username: CDChaser
Pokemon of Choice: Sneasel
Challenge: Ultimate
In this particular order
Fire Red, Emerald, Crystal, Platinum, Black, Black 2.
Sorry but I'm afraid I need to ask something before I can add you too the OP.

You have 2 Unova games listed but only one is required. You can of course do the challenge with both games but only one of them will count towards your ultimate challenge while the other will just be a single.

As you as you clear this up I'll be more than happy to add you to the OP
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