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    Final Update

    Headed over to the Safari Zone and caught Kangaskhan which took forever, also got surf from the dude.
    Fly'd to Lavender Town and went south to Route 12, 13, 14 and 15 beating all trainers.
    Arrived in Fuchsia City and went south to Routes 19 and 20 defeating more trainers.
    Fly'd home and went south to Cinnabar Island as there is no need to run through the Seafoam Islands.
    Got the key From the Pokémon Mansion and took on the gym which was easy for Kangaskhan and it's surf.
    Done the Sevii Island stuff that needed to be done.
    Headed to Viridian Gym, beat it to get my 8th badge.
    Now of to the elite four, beat my rival at route 22, he almost killed me.
    Headed through all the gates to get to victory road.
    Victory road was tough but I made it through.
    Arrived at the Indigo Plateau, time to take on the elite four.
    After 8 defeats I finally beat them.