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First Update for Rock Challenge on Platinum:

-started new file, chose Turtwig as starter
-went through all the mandatory tutorial stuff (it'd be nice if I could skip the how to catch a pokemon tutorial. Game, I've been doing this for 15 years, I know how to catch pokemon)
-made it to Jubilife City, got the Poketch
-Spent a good half hour trying to catch a Geodude with Sturdy in Oreburgh Gate. Finally got one.
-leveled up Geodude on the trainers I skipped
-entered Oreburgh city, went to the mine, caught an Onix
-beat Roark, got first badge. It was easy, as was expected, since you get Rock Smash before the gym and the opposing rock types couldn't do much
-returned to Jubilife, had first battle with Team Galactic Grunts

Gym Badges (1):

Current Team:

Turtwig is on the team because I need something that can use Cut, which I will need somewhat soon, and Geodude and Onix are incapable of learning Cut (and I don't think I'll run into a rock type that can learn Cut before I need it). It hasn't battled since I caught Geodude.
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