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Ultimate Fighting Monotype Challenge: Black White Version

So I continued from where I left off, after I finally received my Save Dongle, and traveled through the Chargestone Cave and then remembered that I have to go to Celestial Tower before fighting Skyla. Skyla herself was pretty hard, considering that her Swanna is freaking insane. Then came Twist Mountain, which I hate and am so glad to be past it. Brycen was a cake walk. Now I'm in Dragonspiral Tower hunting Team Plasma.


#500 Toguro (Emboar)
Level 40 - Nature: Jolly - Ability: Blaze
IVs: 8/19/12/12/22/26
-Arm Thrust
-Flame Charge
-Heat Crash

#534 Shizuru (Conkeldurr)
Level 40 - Nature: Careful - Ability: Sheer Force
IVs: 28/17/6/20/2/26
-Rock Slide
-Bulk Up

#538 Kuwabara (Throh)
Level 40 - Nature: Bashful - Ability: Guts
IVs: 13/17/10/25/16/15
-Circle Throw
-Bulk Up
-Body Slam

#539 Chu (Sawk)
Level 40 - Nature: Impish - Ability: Inner Focus
IVs: 4/7/4/26/6/25
-Brick Break
-Low Sweep
-Bulk Up
-Double Kick

#560 Mukuro (Scrafty)
Level 40 - Nature: Lonely - Ability: Moxie
IVs: 11/20/19/16/6/20
-Hi Jump Kick

New team layout courtesy of Pokecheck and my Save Dongle. :D Also, only 99 posts to 3000! Let's make it before I make the new thread GO!