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    Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    IF THAT'S CORRECT THEN I'M SO HAPPY. Somebody in this show needs to criticise him! I mean, Clemont has corrected him or suggested alternatives to whatever at times but nobody's calling Ash out yet and gosh. For one, he needs someone to bring him back to earth once in a while. And two, Serena's starting to see that he's a real person with real faults and merits. aaaaa
    Well she also loudly said "Moouuuu..."(Japanese for "geez") while putting a hand on her hip while looking at him when Ash's stomach rumbled at the end of the episode. But laughed it off (along with everyone else, including the kids who were crying initially). So it's a bit unclear if it actually bothers her. She smiled about it when it happened in the bug Capturing/poaching episode, while Bonnie and Clemont were the ones that were kinda "....really man?" about it.
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