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Name: Luna Fey

Gender: Female

Class: Outer

Age: 19


Personality: Silent and calm, Luna isn't one to lose her composure easily. She mainly seems unapproachable to others, mainly because her cold stare. She isn't one to speak very many words, and when she does it's usually something harsh or blunt. Not leaving anything to be desired, she hates being around loud mouths, and isn't afraid to take unnecessary risks. Although cool and collected, Luna hates being challenged, because she doesn't hold back on anyone, no matter what their circumstances are.

She is however, a rebel. She hates taking orders, but will if need be. She is very mature for her age. Even to all that, she is a very honest person. She hates disloyalty. Some would say Luna is a natural leader, but asking her to take you in is like asking a cat not to eat a mouse.

History: -

Weight Touch
This power makes whatever she touches lighter/heavier. However, she can't exactly control which will happen just yet.

This ability allows Luna to sense lies, though it doesn't really tell her where exactly the lie is.

Other: There's a Yin for every Yang.