Hello PC! And welcome to Mabuhay!
A fan club for Filipinos and Pinoys at heart! This club is founded upon to celebrate and acknowledge the essence of being a true Filipino. I think the importance of being a Filipino is the beautiful traits that the we have, they say we are like bamboos, strong and sturdy. We are survivors and if we were to be put in such places, it´s easy for us to adapt! We may love foreign things and maybe even aspire to be one but it is undeniably true that wherever we go, whatever happens the filipino essence is still in us!
This club is open to all! For true Filipinos and to those who are interested in learning our culture! Remeber, Pinoy ako, pinoy tayo!
The pearl of the Orient


  • Respect the opinion of others
  • Be active! (you could win an Emblem)
  • Please stay on topic of current discussion
  • All PC and FC forum rules apply here!
  • Start topics only when activity is low! Or when there is high demand for it
The chosen land

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For God, for people

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For nature, for country

Topic List
  • Are you proud to be Filipino?
  • Does being a Filipino and talking to foreign people seem difficult?
  • What are your favorite Filipino dishes?
  • What do you the most about the Pilippines?
Pinoy ako! Pinoy tayo!