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This looks awesome! If you'd have me, I'd love to have a reservation. I'm gonna leave this here while I work on it.

Name: Gary MFing Oak Juel (Pronounced Jewel)
"That's my name, don't wear it out."

"Call me the G-Man."

The G-Man (by Gary and those who wish to indulge his ego) Gare Bear (His mom) G-Wizzle (His rapper name) G-Dog (By Gary and those who wish to appease his ego)

Age: 17
"Not legal yet. Sorry, ladies."

Gender: Male
"And full of testosterone."

"Damn! I'm handsome!"


"Damn, I'm good."

Gary is quite...spirited young man. He has a love for three things: The world itself, for it contains natural beauty almost as great as his own, Pokemon, for their awesome powers are almost as great as his own, and himself, for his magnificence is off the hook insane. Gary has a massive ego, although I wouldn't go to call him arrogant. No, Gary is not a pompous windbag. He's just a cocky bastard, and while he may be a cocky bastard, he'll usually be one with a goofy grin on his face. Gary is a very cheerful guy, always upbeat and happy, but mess with one of his three favorite things, especially himself, and he'll mess you up. Despite his ego, Gary is very friendly. He's always willing to lend someone a hand from, "The Next Pokemon Master," or show someone how to really win a battle. This gives him a sort of over-bearing presence, but he does it from the bottom of his heart. Surely a kid who's literally always smiling can do no harm...Intentionally. Despite his best intentions, Gary is somehow at the center of fights, arguments, and the like. If anything, he tends to say the wrong thing at the right time, reacting with a poor understanding of "regular person" emotions.

While Gary is generally a chill person, he has moments where he can be incredibly hot-blooded. There have been moments where he's picked fights will people several times his own size over simple things like who the best arguer is. He won. He had an argument over who the most humble was. He won that as well. To be put simply, Gary is not opposed to arguing for the sake of arguing. There aren't many passions he has outside of battling, but one of them is the ladies. Gary loves the ladies, and the ladies love Gary...Or so he thinks. Gary has a tendency to think that everyone around him is madly in love with him. Who wouldn't be in love with the world's most handsome, strongest trainer? At the very least, he tries to make sure people respect him or at least like him as a friend. He has a strange need to make everyone around him like him. Totally no psychological issues, right? He'd go to any lengths to reach this goal. Once Gary comes to respect you, you might as well have a wall in front of danger. Anyone worth the best smiler in the world's time needs the best protection, and it might as well be the stupid grin that does the protecting. At the heart, Gary is really a good person. He has a hard time showing that he's not a cold narcissist, but he tries as much as he can in hopes that someone could see his real potential as a human being, or even more so as a hero.

On a side note, Gary has a deep appreciation for music. He can often be found with an earbud or two in his ear, even when in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes they just appear as if by magic. No one knows how he does it, but he does it. He considers himself a lyricist, but he tends to keep that precious tidbit of information to himself and his notebook. It's pretty rare to find him without the precious book.

"The start of a great hero's journey!"

Gary is the son of two exceptionally wealthy businesspeople living in Goldenrod City. His father is the CEO of a well-off Pokemon food company, and his mother was the vice-president, ruling over the business any time he was out. Gary never wanted for anything, but he was never quite content. He went through regular school as a child is expected. He wasn't incredibly popular at first. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Nobody wanted to be friends with the goofy guy standing in the corner, but he didn't seem to mind. The cold never bothered him anyway. Gary went through school fairly quickly. Despite his goofy personality, he was fairly intelligent. He began to dislike school. It posed no challenge for him, and the social tension that was created around him could be cut by a metaphorical knife. His parents, although loving, were eager to see him out of the house. Gary was eager to be sent away as well. Many people treated him differently because of his parents' money, and he hated it. He wanted people to love him for his personality. Not his birth circumstances.

Gary was sent to a Pokemon Trainer School in Olivine City, far from his hometown. His parents decided to let him walk, and he was more than happy to do so. Always the one to accept a challenge, Gary decided that the only way to traverse the path was to do so with a Pokemon companion of his own. After days of scanning the surrounding routes for Pokemon he wanted, he decided on the Nidoran Male he spotted fighting a pack of Rattata. The fearsome Pokemon put up a fight, but bribes of quality Pokemon food and tummy rubs convinced the Pokemon that this trainer was worth his time. Gary, with his new companion, made their way to Olivine with all due haste, arriving after three days of travel. There, Gary began to study Pokemon in earnest effort. He excelled at the school. His ego began to grow here. A small group of girls would fawn over him. The trainers of the school looked to him as an older brother of sorts. With all of the little compliments here or there, how could one see themselves as a legend?

Gary graduated from the Pokemon Trainer School and made his way home to tell his parents the great news. Upon his arrival he was met with knowledge that his father was terminally ill. His mother was an emotional wreck when Gary found her. No amount of comforting could calm her down. He talked with his father, who was staying positive, despite his poor shape. He told his son that he would do great things, and to continue on regardless of what might happen to his dear old man. In a fit of pure emotion, Gary told his father that he would be the next Pokemon Champion, and he was going to do it before his passing. His father took heart in this and gave Gary two eggs from his prized Electrivire and Magmortar as a graduation gift. Gary, his heart filled with courage and determination, set out for the Pokemon League challenge.

Pokémon Team: The G-Squad, trademarked
"Best in all of Johto, I can promise you that."

-Nidoran Male
Nickname: Duke
Gender: Duh
Personality: Duke, much like his trainer, has an ego approximately the size of his trainer. He is fairly capable, however, and is a good battler. While he doesn't get into trouble a lot, he's often at the center of fights, given his slightly arrogant nature. Despite that, however, he gets along fairly well with his fellow Pokemon, namely Mael and Nova. When it comes to a battlestyle, he prefers to keep it close range, opting for more of a in-and-out style.
Ability: Poison Point
Level: 15
Move Set: Poison Sting, Double Kick, Sucker Punch, Iron Tail, Fury Attack

Nickname: Nova
Gender: Male
Personality: Nova is normally a very shy, quiet young Magby. He tends to shy away from other trainers and Pokemon. When he's with Storm, however, he becomes hot headed and cocky. He'll go to any lengths to prove that he can beat his electrical for in battle. The two have a grudging respect for each other.
Ability: Vital Spirit
Level: 12
Move Set: Ember, Smokescreen, Thunderpunch, Mach Punch, Feint Attack, Double Team

Nickname: Storm
Gender: Male
Personality: Storm is a fiery Pokemon for one his size. He's hot heated and cocky to begin with, but when he's around Nova he kicks into overdrive. The two of them have such a strong competitive force that they're willing to fight Pokemon several times their own size.
Ability: Vital Spirit
Level: 12
Move Set: Shock Wave, Swift, Cross Chop, Thunder Wave, Barrier, Double Team