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    Junichi "June" Hamada

    ??? - Unova

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Junichi is a kind-hearted and lovable girl that keeps way too many secrets too herself. It's not that she doesn't trust people. She's actually afraid to scare them off. It's the reason she acts so secretive. However, many of her secrets can't be hidden at all. Like that she has an disorder in her eyes called "heterochromia" meaning that she has two different colored eyes. She tries to hide it by letting her bangs fall over her right eye but it's not always possible. Her left eye is Blue while her right eye is Gold/Yellow.

    Junichi is actually also pretty timid and pretty cowardly despite wanting to become a Pokémon ranger. Several trauma's from her past caused her to suffer from a split personality. Her split personality is more brave, though and acts cool. Her split personality also has a short temper so making her angry is pretty easy. Her split personality is usually triggered in Pokémon battles or when she shuts everyone out from her feelings.

    Despite all of this, Junichi loves dog and cat-like Pokémon. She also has a soft spot for sweets and has a secret love for singing. But shhh! She doesn't want anyone to know about this!

    History: Junichi was born in Cerulean City and a gift to the family that already had 3 sons. She grew up as quite a tomboy because she had no female example due that both her parents worked and having a good relationship with her oldest brother. When she was 6 and it was winter, her brothers would take her to the forbidden Cerulean Cave by walking over the ice. Her oldest brother had a growlite with him that would make sure they had light within the cave but Junichi wandered of after being distracted by a Zubat. The brothers couldn't find her and eventually went back home to warn their parents. Junichi spend the whole night in the cold cave and it was just morning when they found the scared Junichi who had been kept warm by the cave Pokémon.

    The tables turned two years later when Junichi turned 9. Her older brother went inside the cave alone but hadn't returned. They searched for two full days but help came too late. He died in the hospital. Junichi was damaged by the happening. Suddenly her beloved older brother wasn't by her side anymore. She herited his growlithe, his moon pendant and his dream to become a Pokémon ranger. The Growlithe and the moon pendant were the only things she had left from him despite her new dream to become a Pokémon ranger however... she also started to grow a split personality trying to not feel the pain of her loss.

    Her parents decided to move away and bought a house in Verdanturf Town in Hoenn. Her mother stopped working so she could keep an eye on her beloved children. Thanks to this Junichi had a female example and started to act more girly. Junichi had a new life in Verdanturf Town and trained hard to become a Pokémon trainer. After a while she bought a fire stone with her spare money and evolved her Growlithe into an Arcanine. With her newly evolved Arcanine she caught a Shinx when she was 14. When Junichi left to explore the world she got an Eevee from her mother. Her bigger brothers weren't too fond of the idea of their little sister going on a journey alone but she went anyway. All her Pokémon are precious to her.

    Pokémon Team:

    Nickname: Hiro
    Gender: Male
    Personality: As Hiro lost his first owner he grew quite protective of Junichi, knowing it's his duty now to protect her now her beloved brother isn't there anymore. When she's rememberng the events from the past, Hiro does whatever he can to distract her but... that Junichi gave him the name of her deceased brother doesn't help.
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Level: 15
    Move Set:
    • Fire Fang
    • Flamethrower
    • Dig
    • Secret Power

    Nickname: Aoi
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Aoi is laid back and lazy. Often he naps on the back of Hiro because he's even too lazy to walk. He's rather strong and caring when he needs to be... That's not often though.
    Ability: Guts
    Level: 14
    Move Set:
    • Ice Fang
    • Discharge
    • Thunderbolt
    • Thunder Fang

    Nickname: Harper
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Harper is still young and a real troublemaker. She isn't ready to battle yet because she doesn't listen to commands at all.
    Ability: Rune Away
    Level: 5
    Move Set:
    • Tackle
    • Sand-Attack




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