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Details ;;

Name: Viviette Lockster
Nickname: "Vivi" (for short), "Viette" (by mother), "Little Snowflake" (by her father), "Miss Lady" (by her two cousins), "Snow White" (by her aunt)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: White hair that she inherited from her father and icicle blue eyes that she inherited from her mother. Vivi wears a white dress with a ribbon on her waist, over her dress is a pale blue bolero jacket almost covers her hands. Vivi also wears a tear-shaped necklace, a gift from her father. For her feet, she wears an heeled wedge boots that goes pasts her knees. Her height is at 5'8ft thanks to the boots: her true height is at 5'5ft. Her hair is always styled with an off-center ponytail. She has the perfect face for a model and will even grow even more stunning as she grows up, that's what her mother said.

When the season is cold, she wears a stylish white jacket over her outfit that reaches her knees with red-colored wool on the sleeves and collar, along with pale blue gloves and winter boots that has red-colored wool. She also wears black thigh-high tights. It is where she lets her hair down, wearing a pale blue beanie.

When it is too hot, however, she surprisingly wears plain clothes such as wearing a black button shirt with a red school-skirt and red white shoes.

Personality ;;

A polite, elegant and humble girl. She is lady-like in the way she walks, in the way she talks, in the way the small actions that screams 'nobility'. She throws everyone off with her reserved demeanor. Viviette is somewhat vain, dressing most of the time in fashionable or lady-like clothes, she'd avoid or prefer not to get dirtied too much. She also looks out for her weight, careful not to eat a lot and make sure she is not overweight, if she weights more than normal, she'd do everything to get the perfect weight back, even if it means skipping meals to the point of endangering her life if that's what it takes to lose weight. Yes, she diets and is picky because her mother drilled that inside her head ever since she was young.

Viviette is also mature yet also naive, especially in terms of "intimate" actions and will be flustered if she gets the meaning, such as overhearing... stuff. She is patient, an introvert and is good at being subtle. The girl sees the world as something so vast that she wants to learn more all there is to it, most of all: the Pokemon. Vivi has a scholar attitude in wanting to learn new things and get more experience. She is also respectful and will not force anyone to do things they don't want to do.

Her mother sheltered her just a bit, enough for her to not know how to socialize like a normal person joking with other people and making new friends, if she does try, it will only end in awkward silence, in her part: struggling to make the conversation long. If it was not for her father, she would have been incapable of talking to "commoners" and would have been more intimidating to approach to. As for communicating with Pokemon, she has no trouble to; her Mother and Father's pokemon played with her when she had time to play.

She is a bit inclusive, she'd bottle up her negative feelings such as frustration, anger, sadness and would put on an expressionless mask even when her feelings are the opposite. A somewhat passive-aggressive girl who's more of a passive, either agreeing or being neutral to one's decision and not inputting her own ideas/plan. Her aggressive side is hidden but there may be times where it will burst. Viviette, though, is good at bottling her feelings. But if you manage to pass her icy walls, you'll see a kind girl who's awkward and hopeful and wanting desperately to be a normal girl who can freely express her emotions.

She can be ambitious, to make a name for herself without her mother's influence, wanting to escape the chains she had put on her, determined to be free of her mother's goal by putting the responsibility to her, something she ironically inherited from her strict mother. Despite that, her mother taught her not to look down on everyone, to not trample on the weak and to not talk and look at someone as if they were beneath you and to treat anyone with the respect they deserve.

Her father lightened up her burden, she would be forever thankful to him because he taught her to not give up, that it was okay to fail, it was okay to have fun, it was okay to escape responsibilities to rest. He taught her to love, he taught her that no matter how mean someone is, she should not take heart because she was human.

Viviette loves Pokemon, she loves her team, she cares for them. A somewhat mother-hen, like a mother and a big sister to her team.

History ;;

In Crown City located on the Sinnoh Region, she was born, Viviette Lockster; the moment her father looked at her for the first time, he fell in love. She is perfect, he thinks. Because she's his first daughter, his first child. How can she be less perfect in the eyes of her father? When she was placed in his arms to carry, he marveled how light she was, how adorable she was, how delicate and small she was. A precious gift. His Little Snowflake.

The moment her mother had her in her arms, she too fell in love, overshadowed by the fact that her dreams, her ambition came back to life the moment she had took a look at her. Her dreams of climbing the social ladder, to be one those 'nobles', to be one in the high-class environment, something her mother (Viviette's Grandmother) had taught her daughter, desperate not to swim in poverty and scornful how it was so easy for someone with money to have everything they desired. A dream that she failed to fulfill.

And now, for Viviette, it was her time to carry her grandmother and mother's dream; a dream to passed down. The mother decided as she smiled down at her newborn daughter. This time, it will not fail.

At a young age, her mother taught her the way her grandmother taught to her. Mother was strict, there were moments where Vivi could take a break before her Mother taught her again. It was only thanks to her father that she could take a breather. Maybe Mother loved Father - why marry a woman like her when he is such a gentle person - enough to let him take Vivi for her to rest and maybe go outside and will sigh when Father tells her to not overwork their daughter. She could never understand the relationship and love her parents had for each other. More so her mother, even though she knew that she was not such a bad person and a bad mother (in times where instead of drilling her lessons, etiquette, and such other lessons that needed to be taught, they bonded with each other).

When she was 9, Vivi was hiding at the attic, huddled in a corner, curled into a ball as she cried in her arms. She had stopped when she heard something, the white-haired girl looked up, blinking away tears as her mouth shaped into an 'o'. There in front of her, was an Banette. Where did it come from? They stared at each other, the ghost pokemon tilting its head before it grinned and snicker until it left her alone. Viviette was confused. It was their first encounter.

The days where she ran to hide in the attic, they would stare at each other whenever Banette appeared. Vivi, who had her parents' pokemon for company, was not sure what to say and how to act, it was wild and she knew enough that ghost pokemon were mischievous creatures. Banette, who was laid-back and do not like children, only snickering and grinning, only stared and stared. Slowly, they became tentative friends.

The decision to travel on a journey had started when she was in the age of 11, where she had overhead two strangers enthusiastically chatted with each other of their journey, their pokemon, their achievements, they were both trainers and the joy they emitted made her jealous, the emotion fleeting when her father returned from chatting to someone who called out to him as they walked through the park.

There was this desire to be free, to remove the responsibilities her mother made her shoulder on, Viviette knew what she wanted to do. Hesitantly but surely, the little snowflake talked to her parents of her decision: to become a Pokemon trainer and journey around the world. Her parents were silent before her father beamed, her mother was hesitant but she had agreed after a moment to decide whether she'd allow it or not with a sigh and a small smile. Viviette was happy, so happy that before she knew it, the white-haired girl told the news to her friend living in her attic; Banette. The human was a little hurt when the pokemon just disappeared after a frown.

When he father was going to help her catch her first pokemon, giving her an pokeball and that he would teach and help her how, the Banette from the attic had appeared in front of her that both of her father and herself were startled. Banette grinned and snickered at their reaction, an action typical for it to do, Vivi has realized. He tapped the pokeball in her hand. She stared at the pokeball that now contained her ghost friend. Father, who blinked at the scene, smiled and patted her head. "Congrats on getting your first pokemon, my little snowflake."

...Oh. Wow. Her first pokemon, it was her friend no less! She clutched the pokeball to her chest and smiled herself.

Her friend and partner.


Two years after, under her parents' tutelage, her father teaching her how to be a pokemon trainer and her mother still continuing her lessons and occasionally teaching her how to travel. Vivi caught herself her second pokemon with Seth, a pokemon called Electrike whom she named "Atlas" at a forest nearby. The 13-years old girl liked how free the pokemon was, how excitable and friendly he was, fierce and determined in a battle when they face each other before she caught him.

A year after that, she started on her travels, receiving an egg from a breeder her father was a close friend with and hatched into an Azurill she named Talia. Half a year later, Viviette officially started her journey.

Journeying of finding her own dream. Journeying to be free, to fly. Journeying to learn, to experience, to improve.

Her own journey to find herself and many more.

Pokémon Team ;;

Nickname: Seth
Gender: Male
Personality: Laid-back yet still mischievous. Seth likes to scare people that either he likes or he doesn't like, with the exception of Viviette; occasionally. He laughs at pranks instigated by him or someone else, even if the victim is himself. Rarely interacting with anyone except his team, he'd rather stare them down all the while grinning. When it comes down to it, Seth will protect his partner fiercely with no backing down. He doesn't like children, he'd only scare them off or just stays at Vivi's side and yet watches over Talia, the baby of their group carefully when someone else can't. Seth is obedient towards Vivi, listening to her. Sometimes; only when it comes to battle or in a series situation or when he gets scolded severely. Surprisingly, the Banette is cautious when it comes to strangers unless given reason not to, the cautiousness is hidden by his laid-back attitude. A rather good actor, if you'd tell me.
Ability: Insomnia
Level: 15
Move Set: Magic Coat, Toxic, Payback, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Calm Mind

Nickname: Atlas
Gender: Male
Personality: Atlas is eager at anything. He's eager to make friends, eager to eat, eager to help, eager to battle; just plain ol' eager. Though being eager is good, sometimes it brings trouble. He's a bit hot-headed, mostly when battling. He likes to meet new people and people and be their friend. A bit childish and will sulk if he gets scolded or loses. The Electrike wants his family to be happy and will feel sad when they are sad, specifically/mostly to Viviette. He'd cheer up those who needed it and will protect the weak getting bullied by the strong.
Ability: Lightning Rod
Level: 13
Move Set: Howl, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Ice Fang, Bite, Double Team

Nickname: Talia
Gender: Female
Personality: The "baby" of the team. Highly curious to the point of wandering off to get closer to the thing she is curious about (when not in sight). Cries when she realizes that she's or is alone. Attached to her trainer and her fellow teammates. Likes to make friends. Very friendly and likes to help a lot. In battles, she will do her best but will cry if hit too hard or if they lost but will calm down. (Although if they lose a battle, she will calm down with a berry.) She can sense when a person is bad and will run for comfort into Viviette's arms.
Ability: Sap Sipper
Level: 10
Move Set: Water Gun, Sing, Charm, Headbutt
Miscellaneous ;;

• She enjoys mysteries, whether solving it or reading by book.
• Doesn't like horror stories, it makes her wary.
• Although it is not said, she is very fond of ghost type Pokemon.
• Keeps things that would clean her clothes upon being dirtied inside her bag.
• Carries some berries with her for her pokemon and will buy some if they almost runs out.
• Knows how to make pokeblocks thanks to her father.
• She's good at playing the piano.
• Hates the feeling of loneliness the most.
• Envies those who are free and wanting that as well.
• Wants to function like a normal person. (Socializing and making friends.)
• Is unable to read humor situations and jokes.
• Surprisingly snarky though not most of the time when she's comfortable with someone.
• When she gets into it, she gets into it.