Pokemon: Aqua Blue

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Posted February 14th, 2019
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For people using G3T (Gen 3 Tools)

Download G3T from here: download
Download this from my dropbox: download

Once you have G3T installed, go into its folders and find the folder titled "customisation"

Drop my file into customization, and overwrite the old one (or rename the old one)

Go into G3T and click on the pokemon you want to mega evolve.

Over on the right hand side, you will see evolutions.

(the bottom should read "1 are primal reversions, and 2 are wishes"

On condition, click the drop down menu, and scroll all the way down to the bottom (Mega Evolution)

Where it says "Nothing required" this is where you place the item ID for your mega stone. IE Blastoisinite, etc.
These must be created by you. I recommend using "Complete Item Editor" download Please note that this # is NOT in hex. You must place the full non hex item ID.

Where it says "evolve to" you need to place the pokemon that you're mega evolving into. This should also be done with this program, and please note that while you can have it evolve into any pokemon, its best to create one in a new space. Be sure to hit "edit" on the bottom right before you move to another pokemon.

The pokemon you create should have most of the same things filled out as the pokemon you're having evolve. Such as base xp, xp growth rate, egg groups, etc. I believe keeping the HP the same is also important. Every other stat should be editable.

The last thing you need to do is to set the mega evolution to evolve back into the pokemon it was previously. IE for blastoisinite, blastoise would evolve into mega blastoise. Now we set mega blastoise to evolve into blastoise, only on "nothing required" we leave it at 0. This part is very important, otherwise your pokemon won't revert back after battle.

For people who want to use Gen III Hacking Suite

Download Gen II Suite: download
I have set up something to allow you to be able to use Gen 3 Hacking Suite for this as well. It requires you to go into your Gen III suite folder, click on "Pokeroms" and locate your version (BPRE) and highlight this entire part:

then copy and paste this over it:
evolutionmethods = Breeding Only,Friendship,Friendship (Day),Friendship (Night),Level-Up,Trade,Trade(Hold Item),Stone,Atk > Def,Atk = Def,Atk < Def,PID (Wurmple ->Silcoon),PID (Wurmple ->Cascoon),Spawn a Second,Create Spawn,Beauty,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,Mega Evolution
evomethodsproperties = None,None,None,None,Level,None,Item,Item,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,None,Item

Using gen 3 hacking suite looks a lot nicer and its better for Mega evolutions, but it doesn't handle primals or wishes. It should be pretty self explanatory. You go into evolutions, select an empty slot. Scroll down on the evolution type to "Mega Evolution", select the item your pokemon needs to be holding, and then select the pokemon it will mega evolve into. You need to do the same with the Mega evolution, only leave the item as ????????? (item ID 0)