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Name: Yori Enntiman
Nickname: None
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Yori dresses himself as if he's your go-to valet, in very formal attire. He dons a fancy black vest over a white short-sleeve dress shirt, complemented by black slacks fitted with a white belt and slick black loafers. The most striking piece of attire is the purple bow tie situated around his neck. Yori wears this outfit in contrast to his beige-ish skin. He also has straightened brown hair that stretches in the back down to his neck and is flipped at the front, a pretty rounded face with a jutted chin, and eyes splashed in bright cerulean. Sometimes he wears brown-tinted sunglasses, but when he does not, he lets Phantcie don them for him.

Personality: Fashion is almost always Yori's top priority, even when it is clearly irrelevant. He dresses as he does to make sure people get that message immediately. In addition, he applies the structures and beautifications of fashion to the mundane situations of everyday life. This also spills over into narcissistic tendencies as Yori tries to charm anyone he deems worthy of his time, resulting in him trying to prove he is worth others'.

Yori's neatness definitely precedes him. If presented with a conflict that should not be a laughing matter, he knows when to be serious. Otherwise, if he feels cheated or rused, he can show visible distaste if he senses any bull. He also occasionally presents himself as wise beyond his years from experience with how people react. Yori does not like an aura of unease and hates to see people in some dreadful funk.

History: Yori grew up in the bustling fashion capital of the Kalos region, Lumiose City. He definitely remembers experiences from when he was around four, maybe five years old. He always loved ascending the city's famed Prism Tower. Other than some infrequent visits to the Boutique Couture and watching several Pokémon Contests and Musicals on television, there was never really any personal development for Yori until he was 10.

That was when he was hired for his first job. Unlike other occupations he had heard of, this was full of duties affecting all boutiques in Kalos. This was an opportunity that gave Yori an unexpected thrill, to travel all across the region and see beautiful sights. It was mostly a delivery position transporting clothes to certain towns during certain seasons, and the main headquarters are situated fittingly in Lumiose. Yori cites this job as the source for his love of everything fashionable.

Half a year before his eighteenth birthday, business waned slightly, and Yori had to unfortunately be laid off for the company to save up on money. His direct manager made sure to tell him that when business eventually picks up, his employment will be reinstated immediately. For his last task, Yori was sent to the infamous Lost Hotel to retrieve a newly discovered unopened package of expensive clothes discovered by travelers. He thought the assignment rather odd. When he arrived to pick it up, a Shuppet had spooked him by waiting near it and jumping out from behind. It followed him to the outside, and with careful consideration, he offered it to tag alongside him after his final delivery, which the Shuppet heartily accepted. That is how Yori became acquainted with Phantcie.

Pokémon Team:

Nickname: Phantcie
Personality: Phantcie is definitely the ultimate sidekick. She sometimes goes so far as to act like Yori's personal agent. If she thinks a person is not worth her trainer's time, they must get through her first. She has developed a keen sense in anticipating what a person's true motives are. As is typical of her species, she can 'eat' people's anger or sadness so they can return to a happy state.
Ability: Frisk
Level: 9
Moveset: Astonish, Screech, Knock Off, Night Shade, Thief, Will-O-Wisp