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Ultimate Green Monocolor Challenge (LeafGreen) - First and FINAL Update


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Note: Scyther was hacked in at the beginning since he's FireRed exclusive.

This was probably the hardest E4 run I've had in Kanto, and not even in a rewarding way. It just felt like Venusaur and Victreebel were just there to stall until Scyther came in to sweep. With everyone basically sharing the exact same weaknesses, it just felt like a Monotype without as much type coverage (as ridiculuos as it sounds). If it were any other game I would have been stoked about how powerful Scyther was, but here it was the only thing I had going for me. That being said, I am happy with how my Rain Dance strat turned out. Charizard would have been about a million times harder to deal with without it.

Spoiler: Video of E4 and Champion:

Lifebloom the Venusaur, Lv. 61 @ Quick Claw
-Razor Leaf
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed

Lurantis the Scyther, Lv. 62
-Aerial Ace
-Swords Dance
-Rain Dance

Audrey the Victreebel, Lv. 60
-Giga Drain
-Sunny Day

HM Buddys:

Ch'ding- Cut, Fly

Lapras- Strength, Surf, Rock Smash