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FireRed Songs & Fanfares
0105 Healing (RS)
0106 Level Up
0107 Evolution Start
0108 Evolution/Safari
0109 Battle 1
010A Battle 2
010B Unknown/Not listed in Sappy
010C Fanfare 1
010D Fanfare 2
010E You Fail It!
010F You Fail It Again!
0110 Follow Me
0111 Game Corner
0112 Evil Lurks
0113 Gym
0114 Jigglypuff's Song
0115 Introduction
0116 Pokemon Theme
0117 Cinnabar Island
0118 Lavender Town
0119 Healing
011A Bicycle
011B Encounter 1
011C Encounter 2
011D Encounter 3
011E You're In The Hall of Fame!
011F Viridian Forest
0120 Mount Moon
0121 Abandoned Place
0122 End Credits
0123 Route Theme 1
0124 Route Theme 2/Intro
0125 Route Theme 3
0126 Route Theme 4
0127 Indigo Plateau
0128 Battle 3
0129 Battle 4
012A Battle 5
012B Battle 6
012C Pallet Town
012D Oak's Lab
012E Oak's Theme
012F Pokemon Center
0130 SS Anne
0131 Surf's Up
0132 Pokemon Tower
0133 Silph Co.
0134 Cerulean City
0135 Celadon City
0136 Victory 1
0137 Victory 2
0138 Victory 3
0139 Vermillion City
013A Viridian City and Pewter City
013B Gary's Theme
013C Gary's Theme (bis)
013D Fanfare 3
013E Fanfare 4
013F You caught a Pokemon!
0140 Trainer Card Photo
0141 Gamefreak
0142 Victory 2 (bis)
0143 Intro Message 1
0144 Intro Message 2
0145 Intro Message 3
0146 Game Corner (+1)
0147 Game Corner (+2)
0148 Net Corner
0149 Mystery Connection
014A Game Corner (+3)
014B Mount Ember
014C Follow Me (alt)
014D Water Labyrinth
014E Tanoby Ruins
014F Islands 1-3
0150 Islands 4-5
0151 Islands 6-7(AKA Violet City Theme from GSC)
0152 PokeFlute
0153 Battle - Deoxys
0154 Battle 5 (+1)
0155 Battle 5 (+2)
0156 Encounter 4
0157 Deoxys Encounter
0158 Trainer Tower
0159 Pallet Town (fame mix)
015A Teachy TV

FireRed Sound List ~ found by tajaros
0x0 - Blank Noise (Stops BGM, not other S.E.)
0x1 - Use Item
0x2 - Log onto PC
0x3 - Turn off PC
0x4 - Turn on PC
0x5 - Click Noise
0x6 - Open Menu
0x7 - Wall Bump
0x8 - Door Open
0x9 - Exit Room
0xA - Jump
0xB - Bike Bell
0xC - Loud Crash (Like dropping of a heavy object)
0xD - Loud Crash (Higher pitch, and with echo)
0xE - Loud Crash (3 in rapid sucession, with long echo)
0xF - Low Pitch Pokeball Open
0x10 - Pokeball Close
0x11 - Flee S.E.
0x12 - PokeCenter Door Open
0x13 - Strange Noise (Like Water at the beginning, then like electricity)
0x14 - Low Pitch crash
0x15 - Super high pitch beep
0x16 - Error / False sound
0x17 - PokeCenter Pokeball Load up (Pokeballs being placed onto the heal machine.)
0x18 - PokeCasino Reel Stop
0x19 - Insert Coin into Machine
0x1A - Buzz (False/fail at Casino)
0x1B - EXP gauge
0x1C - Hop (Like on an Acro Bike)
0x1D - Lock / Break small rock?
0x1E - Unlock
0x1F - Strange Sound (Like a dor being locked, but different...)
0x20 - Strange Sound (A singular version of the previous sound)
0x21 - Crash sound (With echo)
0x22 - Singular Metal attack Sound (Like when using steel wing, but singular)
0x23 - Ice Break
0x24 - Ice Crack
0x25 - Falling
0x26 - Strange Sound (Super Low Pitch Ice Break?)
0x27 - Warp Away
0x28 - Warp Return
0x29 - Electricity?
0x2A - Turn Winch (Like in Winona's Gym)
0x2B - Truck Driving (Loop)
0x2C - Truck Stoping
0x2D - Truck Brake
0x2E - Truck Open
0x2F - Airplane Turbines
0x30 - Save
0x31 - Pokeball Bounce (Like in a trade)
0x32 - Pokeball Bounce (Quieter)
0x33 - Pokeball Bounce (Even Quieter)
0x34 - Pokeball Bounce (Even Quieter Still)
0x35 - Pokeball Open (Like in a trade)
0x36 - Throw Pokeball
0x37 - Musical Decoration Pad (Low C)
0x38 - Musical Decoration Pad (D)
0x39 - Musical Decoration Pad (E)
0x3A - Musical Decoration Pad (F#)
0x3B - Musical Decoration Pad (G)
0x3C - Musical Decoration Pad (A)
0x3D - Musical Decoration Pad (B)
0x3E - Musical Decoration Pad (High C)
0x3F - Mud Ball Smash
0x40 - Wodden Board
0x41 - Get Money
0x42 - P.A. (Like when an elevator is done, or end of Safari Zone)
0x43 - Water Baloon Pop (Low)
0x44 - Water Baloon Pop (Med)
0x45 - Water Baloon Pop (High)
0x46 - Wodden Smash
0x47 - Wooden Break
0x48 - Poison Afliction
0x49 - Conveyor Belt
0x4A - Conveyor Belt 2 (Loop)
0x4B - Conveyor Belt 2 (end)
0x4C - Loud Noise (Like a low conveyor belt 2) (Loop)
0x4D - Loud Noise (End)
0x4E - Light noise (Like a High conveyor belt 2) (Loop)
0x4F - Light Noise (End)
0x50 - Strange Noise (Like sonething being absorbed into a dark void. Sound goes from high to low)
0x51 - Strange Noise (Like an extension of hte previous sound. Sound goes from Low to Super Low)
0x52 - Buzz (Like a Circular Saw)
0x53 - Low Health Alert (Loop) (Can Not Be Turned Off Without Map Refresh)
0x54 - Level Up Ding
0x55 - Low Grumbling (Like a Diesel Engine) (Loop)
0x56 - Low Grumbling (End)
0x57 - Swipe Sound (Loop)
0x58 - Sell Item
0x59 - Low Ding (Like a really low "Low C" note)
0x5A - High Pitch Swipe
0x5B - High Pitch Swipe (Reverse)
0x5C - Smack
0x5D - Small Noise (Like a person kicking dirt)
0x5E - VS Seeker?
0x5F - Light Jingle
0x60 - Explosion
0x61 - Explosion (After Effect / Cont)
0x62 - STRONG Wind (Or Crowd Screaming? My PC to slow to tell...)
0x63 - Low Slamming sound (Like someone setting down a heavy box.)
0x64 - Red / Blue Orb
0x65 - Computer Chatter (One High Pitch Blip)
0x66 - Computer Chatter (2 Blips, pattern: MedHi-High)
0x67 - Computer Chatter (High Pitch PC on?)
0x68 - Computer Chatter (High Pitch PC off?)
0x69 - Computer Chatter (PC Scanning)
0x6A - Glass Breaking?
0x6B - Light Shuffle sound (Like feet sliding across the floor)
0x6C - High Pitch Quiet Blip
0x6D - Small Sound (Like a twig snaping)
0x6E - Strange Sound (Like low pitch Ice Shimmering, or Use of Flute)
0x6F - Loud Bang (Like a gun shot, but different)
0x70 - Lout Buzz
0x71 - Metal Sheen (Like on steel wing, but a little longer)
0x72 - Curse Attack
0x73 - Baton Pass Attack (Like a swipeing / falling sound)
0x74 - Low Crash
0x75 - Bubble Attack (Launch)
0x76 - Substitute attack?
0x77 - Watyer Gun Attack (Launch)
0x78 - Rain Dance Attack
0x79 - Slash Attack
0x7A - Gust Attack?
0x7B - Very Strange Sound (Like a downward Spiral?)
0x7C - Rock Smash Attack? (In Battle or not? I Can't tell)
0x7D - Powerful Wind (Loop)
0x7E - Powerful Wind (End)
0x7F - Pound Attack?
0x80 - Throwing Sound (Like Bait in the Safari Zone)
0x81 - Deep Slashing noise
0x82 - Ice Ball Attack
0x83 - Loud Swipe?
0x84 - Deep Bang (Like someone hit something hard with a big log...)
0x85 - Beam Attack Charge Sound. (Like Solar Beam's Charging sound)
0x86 - Deep Bang (Similar to 0x84)
0x87 - Bubbling Noise
0x88 - Throwing noise (Slightly Higher Pitch)
0x89 - VERY DEEP Throwing sound
0x8A - Deep Explosion like sound
0x8B - Deep Wave-like sound
0x8C - Strange Sound (A Smack Noise, tehn a Short Deep Explosion-ish sound)
0x8D - Deep Bubbling
0x8E - Deep Crash (Like a super deep opening pokeball)
0x8F - Deep Fire
0x90 - Deep Smack
0x91 - Low Whirling
0x92 - High Pitch Powerful Wind (Loop)
0x93 - High Pitch Powerful Wind (End)
0x94 - High Pitch Shuffling
0x95 - Loud Noise (No Explaination)
0x96 - Wing Flapping (Singular)
0x97 - Wing Flapping (Decending Octaves, High To Low)
0x98 - Kicking Sand?
0x99 - High Pitch Whips Sound
0x9A - Strange Sound (No Explaination)
0x9B - Whirling Upwards (Short....)
0x9C - Super Strong Wind Burst
0x9D - MEGA ULTRA Strong wind burst. (I think....)
0x9E - MEGA ULTRA Strong wind burst. (Pitch Goes up, then down, more like actual wind...)
0x9F - Small Noise (Like a twig breaking)
0xA0 - Splash Attack Flopping sound (Singular)
0xA1 - Sandpaper-ish?
0xA2 - Small Noise (No Explaination)
0xA3 - Stretching noise?
0xA4 - Speeding up fan? (Pitch raises, that is all)
0xA5 - Sing Attack
0xA6 - Perish Song Attack
0xA7 - Ice? (Souns like when a pokemon gets frozen...)
0xA8 - Noise (No Explaination)
0xA9 - Little Sound (No explaination...)
0xAA - Loud Sound (No Explaination)
0xAB - Explosion-ish Sound
0xAC - Recover Attack
0xAD - Absorb Smack (The sound before the absorbtion)
0xAE - Metal Sound?
0xAF - Aurora Beam (Small)
0xB0 - Aurora Beam (Main)
0xB1 - Confusion
0xB2 - Drum?
0xB3 - Amnesia "?" Appear
0xB4 - Egg Crack?
0xB5 - Amnesia (Deeper ? Sound)
0xB6 - Loud Hover Sound (Decending)
0xB7 - Loud Hover Sound (Acending)
0xB8 - Strange Sound (Sounds like a speed up, then an upward whirling noise)
0xB9 - Smack (With Echo)
0xBA - Wooshing noise
0xBB - Frustration "Angry" Symbols
0xBC - Small Metallic "Bling" sound
0xBD - Whispering noise
0xBE - Rest Attack
0xBF - Shattering Ice
0xC0 - Deep Watery noise
0xC1 - Strange Noise (No Explanation)
0xC2 - Solar Beam (Launch)
0xC3 - Sunny Day Attack
0xC4 - Strange Noise (Sounds like a small absorption, but not from any absorb attacks...)
0xC5 - Strange Noise (Previous sound, in reverse)
0xC6 - Small Noise (No Explanation)
0xC7 - Swift Attack (Singular - higher pitch)
0xC8 - Swift Attack (Singular - Longer)
0xC9 - Swift Attack (Singular - Lower Pitch)
0xCA - Odor Sleuth Attack
0xCB - Small Noise (Like a twig Snapping... again)
0xCC - Strange noise (Like... Ding, Dong... Ding, Dong....)
0xCD - Frustration "Angry" Symbols
0xCE - Noise (Descending Sound)
0xCF - Loud Crash (Very Deep)