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My Gods above!

This is beautifully extensive. I would be honored to join this RP if you will have me. However, I will need some time to actually create a worthy character.

My quick parse of the classes and races has me leaning on Hume but I'm not set in my decision. When I have completed the character, it will be found in this post. At the point of completion I will notify you by PM, Parivir.

In the meantime there is but one issue. Can you clarify on the presence of Earth based majiks like quake. Some features spoke of them being present but there's no clear explanation in the majiks tab.


Kei Nagai, 23, Hume, Male


Garbed heavily in dark eastern clothing without any armor, aside from a few polished metal pads, Kei is properly dressed as a stealthy shinobi should be: in quiet, baggy attire with plenty of hidden pockets for a plethora of deadly tools.

This particular clothing set has the subtle additions befitting a Nagai shinobi with the purple color, silver shoulder pads, jagged looking headband, and spacious room in the hip to thy area where most tools would be stored for quick withdraw.

Because of the face cloth covering the neck up to the nose, the only flesh that can show are his eyes and the skin immediately surrounding. For trained eyes that's all is needed to identify a person. But for most people it's enough to fool them, thus silence is the best coupling for the full body covering. Dressing this way is required if a shinobi desires both an active lifestyle and a private identity.

Underneath all the worn gear, the real Kei is a sender built but toned male from the East in his prime. With training that emphasizes agility and physical strength he certainly has the body to perform shinobi tactics. Contrary to what one may think, he has tanned skin from being outdoors (when not wearing his gear) to tame beasts in private. As expected his eastern heritage gives him a more uniform complexion compared to the very wide variety of western appearance. Which is to say he appears to be like many eastern people. More specifically his facial construction is smoother all around with a base white tone underneath that does well to couple with his black hair and dark brown eyes.

Standing at a average height of 5'9" Kei fits an every-man look of people back in the East. People of the west, particularly those unfamiliar with eastern people would have trouble identifying him from other eastern people as long as he is encountered along side people of his own homeland.

Separating him from most are his old injuries. Across his body are countless scars earned from facing beasts throughout Ivalice and his home.
Some major scars are from actual battles with more capable opponents. Those are different in shape and size as well for some have been from torture tools and others simple but close to key organs. His civilian attire is thus chosen to cover most scars. When prompted he can explain the origin of each scar and also the reason he survived such a wound.


Formerly the brooding prince of edginess,
Kei has grown and matured a lot. He once could only see his father as annoying old man whose principles got in the way, he now regards him as a great role model for those same principles. Naturally he wants to emulate his father if just to be a better person by following the example and standards he now more fondly remembers. On top of that he's got his mother's intuition which has helped him before in escaping death and seeing through deception.

Still young and somewhat inexperienced, Kei can be too assuming of himself especially as a demon knight. Arrogance was one of his father's flaws as well but it's not as big a weakness since he's come to accept his limitations as places to grow where he used to believe himself invincible when he was younger.

To prove how different he is from his father, one should see him drunk. Under the influence of alcohol he's a whole knew Kei that's eager to talk and befriend even his enemies. That's unlike his father who stayed serious but just more loud when drunk. But they're both the type of drinker to end the night naked and next to an empty bottle on top of a random roof.

A notable trait is that he is very superstitious and has a lot of rules and rituals in his routine to bring luck and stave misfortune. One of the things he does is avoid busy intersections of people because mean spirits are said to pick pocket people traveling alone in a crowd. The origin for these superstitious is a mystery since no one from the East would even know them or at least recognize them as common superstitions. When pressed for details it's actually that he doesn't remember where he learned them just that he knew from his childhood not to do certain things, most pertaining to daily life and work. If he had to guess then it would be death in a former life where he was careless and died by ignorance.


Five years ago. Balfonheim Port was the first check point on the western continent for Kei. That was his starting place from which he would search for his missing sister and the bastard who killed their clan. He knew that the murderer fled from the homeland in attempts to escape from the wrath of the few remaining Nagai shinobi. Following him from the other end of the world was not an easy nor smart task but with the hope of saving his sister he endured the long trip alone held up only by a dream of reunion.

Because the survivors were already scattered, Kei assumed they would consider him dead if he never returned home. Thus his move to the west was never mean to be permanent.

Spending over a year searching he found himself in the capitol of Ivalice broken down by misery and depression. Never having found his sister or the murderer he was left without answers as to why it happened. Ashamed, he could never return home even to the ruins of burned builds and graves. Besides his sister was all he had for close family even before the fall of the Nagai.

Passions of the past weren't appealing or able to distract him from his past or old ambitious. Kei would not live an exciting life as the leader of his clan nor in battle as a devoted protector of his people. He was alone.

Three years ago he was at his lowest point, shrouded by a veil of doom. He was only saved from the deep abyss of despair by the word of salvation of a Holycaster who convinced him that there's still value in a life full of sadness. Seeing the devotion of priests, blessings of Faram the Father, and works of wonder at the peak of the holy mountain were enough to prove there was something to believe in when all else had failed. Kei was reborn in faith for the world. However, the life of a monk nor one of a holy man was not for him. Instead he wanted to continue his life as a shinobi but working for Ivalice, his new home.

Having a new sense of beauty in he world he followed the path of a tamer as well to fill a small void in his life. Coupling his skills as a shinobi with taking he way for new techniques to expand his repertoire of tactics and strategy. The first of two beast he tamed was actually a Flan. It responded well to taming but has its own problems in that it just can't stop itself from eating if there's food around, Kei finds it adorable. The second of the beasts was a red chocobo that really hated western people but seemed ok with easterners. It seems like it used to be tamed by someone else but has fled the former tamer.

Then there was the experiments with magicite in Project Bel. Getting involved with that was a matter of luck in combination with a new connection in work. It proved to be a perfect opportunity for him to make Ivalice a larger factor of his life as an actual piece of this lands history was fused with him and in turn he would be made part of Ivalice history as one of the Demon Knights.

Ever since then he's kept very busy with work in the Order of Kingmarch especially with the death of the royalty dividing politics. He remains indifferent to most of politics because he's one that likes to follow orders an not worry about the intentions behind them.


Shinobi | Tamer


Heaven's Cloud: Weapon. A Sacred Blade plucked from the tail of a green dragon with a hilt carved from its bones. This is the sword is a holy based weapon that deals physical light damage and absorbs the element for itself.

Black Whip: Weapon. A black whip used for taming beasts and unleashing pain from a safe distance. It's design allows it to leave no marks on its target and instead emphasize the sting of it's attacks.

Dark Robes: Armor. A set of black robes that allow their wearer to more more swiftly in darkness. It's as if you are the summer's breeze on the roof tops. It also prevents the effects of Stop from working.

Thief's Hat: Headgear. A hat worn by thieves. It prevents the effects of Immobilize and disable from working.

Nagai Clan Headband: Accessory A headband worn by shinobi of the Nagai clan. The clan was extinguished long ago, only a handful of it's children remain.

Ninja Tabi: Footwear. Enhancing the speed of the wearer, these shoes are perfect for the agile.

Eastern Arsenal: Equipment. A wide variety of tools including throwing stars, kunai, smoke bombs, flash bombs, actual explosives, floor spikes, and short swords kept all over the body in hidden pockets. It's a wonder how the shinobi can move with all that stuff kept on his person.

Among the more mystical tools are his shinobi scrolls which use embedded magic sealed in ink and blood. What these scrolls do is one time use abilities that either conjure pre-sealed items like those above or to release magic that had been captured and sealed. The writing process takes an hour per scroll so the time investment is a limiter in battle unless to activate the scroll. The use of scrolls was taught by Kei's shinobi clan the Nagai who would also seal embedded spells into scrolls.

Unfortunately, Kei was not able to learn that side of scroll making in time. Thus the advanced techniques of scroll writing are lost. But one day Kei may rediscover the method his family once used as a reborn art.


With their arts stemming from eastern roots, Shinobis are capable of wielding a wide range of foreign weaponry unusable by any other classes. From throwing stars to kunais to mystical scrolls, the sheer variety of the tools at the Shinobi’s disposal makes him extremely unpredictable, especially to foes unfamiliar with their tactics.

This technique completely masks the Shinobi’s presence from the enemy’s ears, making them extremely hard to detect, especially in darkness. This effect can last up to ten minutes at a time, and, unlike many other abilities, may be used multiple times (3-6, depending on the Shinobi's skill) per day.

demonfactor/GENJUTSU [EX+]
A forbidden art silently passed down through generations of Shinobis, Genjutsu is a technique that alters the victim’s perception of reality, making him see events that are not truly transpiring, and feel pain that is not really there. Genjutsu is an extremely fickle technique, hard to control, with a large margin for backfiring. However, when used properly and with a bit of luck, it can inflict massive psychological pain to the target, and drive them to the brink of insanity.

Using magic to bring forth a clone, a shinobi is able to confuse the enemy by having multiple copies of themselves on the battle field by being in more than one place at a time. They unfortunately cannot affect the physical world aside from light because they are no more than illusions. When activated clones will last for no more than a minute each. This ability, being a drain on magic reserves, requires around five minutes to recharge per clone created with a limit of clones at 3 at once with a maximum of 15 in a day.

active/SHADOW STEP [B]
Using magic a shinobi moves through shadows to appear in another, very useful for navigating a fortress undetected but also in the heat of battle to vanish without a trace. Its limit to successive uses is at 5 which would almost instantly drain one's magical reserve because its cost is compounding when used quickly rather than flat. Waiting around a minute allows it to be used without a compounding effect but still has a limit of ten times in a day.

passive/SPIDER CLIMB [C]
A shinobi must be a capable climber. As such special training combined with the use of magic allows them to move on surfaces that aren't flat such as walls and ceilings. Scaling up the side of a fortress is as simple as running against gravity's pull.

demonfactor/SHADOW NINJUTSU [EX+]
The Nagai clan's Ninjutsu manipulates shadows, specifically the user's own into various shapes but without depth. It's partially physical an thus can be used to grappling opponents thus making them puppets trying to break free from the user's control. The limiter of this deadly technique is light. Since one's shadow must maintain the surface area while on a lit surface, it's range is typically limited to a couple meters while being very thin and weak at that distance, otherwise in darkness or in shadows the surface area is irrelevant. Also being that this drains the magical reserves, the more targets affected and longer its used the more drain will take place until it begins to suck the life force from its user. Thus the maximum duration is ten minutes with the most efficient use of the ability but as little as a few seconds for a score of opponents or even a single massive enemy. Using it the technique again requires some time, thus it can't be used more than 10 minutes in a day with intervals between uses no shorter than half an hour.

active/UNITY [B+]
A technique passed down through generations of Tamers, Unity combines the consciousness of the Tamer and their beast, allowing them to act together in perfect coordination. Unity may only be performed by Tamers who have forged a particularly strong bond with their partner beasts—otherwise, the beast might view the presence of the Tamer in its consciousness as an attack, thus overthrowing the Tamer’s control and retaliating against them.

passive/WHIPLASH [B-]
Although at a disadvantage when pitted against other melee fighters, the Tamer’s expertise in dealing with beasts and monsters makes them the ideal choice when these threats present themselves. As such, when equipped with a whip and fighting against beasts, the Tamer’s offensive firepower is increased by a factor of three.

demonfactor/FALGABIRD [EX+]
Falgabird is a technique that utilizes the body and soul of the Tamer’s partner monster as a catalyst to summon one of the Four Fiends of Chaos that once wreaked havoc upon the land. These fiends are powerful beings that will heed the commands of the Tamer, but their presence drains the energies of both Tamer and partner beast, and thus can only be sustained for up to fifteen minutes. The aftermath of Falgabird will leave the Tamer and their partner beast in a state of exhaustion, rendering them vulnerable for a long period of time.

This technique is only possible for Kei because he's a trained shinobi and also very close to the beasts he tames. By studying a creature very closely he is able to use magic and transform himself into an exact copy of them with the same innate abilities but keeping his mental capacity. If he falls unconscious or ten minutes pass the ability will end and he will appear as he was before. It can only be used 2-3 times per day and no more than once per hour due to the strain put on his body and the drain on his magical reserve. Also, any equipment he is carrying and clothes he is wearing are absorbed by his new form.

A technique created by Kei in order to better coordinate with the beasts he tames, requires a special marking on the beast's body. It allows Kei to summon the beast to him wherever it may be located in the world and later can dismissed back to its previous location. The summoning itself requires a small bit of magic which is placed in the seal when its drawn and to initiate the summon it's a full minute on account of the magic responding to the call from afar. If the beast no longer wants to be tamed or is set free the seal will disappear. A new seal is then placed on a beast that replaces the old one. The greatest function of this ability is that the shinobi does not require the beast to travel with them and can call upon it in the heart of battle.

Roleplay Sample:

"Break free or surely the blade will cut you in half." Kei said, forcing his opponent to harm himself by using his own blade. Strong shadow arms were coiled around the burly man's thick torso and arms. "Your strength is commendable. But it's not enough."

"Time.. is... on.. my.. side." The fighter said, his forced out from his locked jaws.

"It's only been five minutes and you're already shaking, Gotta. I thought a bandit whose gimmick was unparalleled strength would prove a better opponent to a Demon Knight." Kei taunted.

"I.. will.. not.. fail!" Gotta said, completing the echo of the past that entered Kei's mind. Those words were exactly his from so many years ago in a situation in reverse.

A drop of sweat falling from his nose and then landing on the ground was the only thing to move on the shinobi as he stood still in silence with his arms held in front of him with his hands in a symbolic position of consentration and his legs spread for balance while he stood still. Before him his father holding a blade above his head locked where he stood because of wriggling shadow arms wrapped and coiled over his body. As five minutes passed the shinobi, but a boy of twelve years watched as his father's expressionless face glared with the deadly eyes of a killer.

"Your time is nearly up. Maintain the technique this time or the blade will surely cut you in two." His words equally cold and piercing.

The boy struggled but he wasn't shaking like the first time he trained the sacred art with his father. Months of dedicated practice and incrementally growing difficulty had honed the boy's technique from a second long effect to nearly five minutes which was only surpassed by older shinobi of the clan. In essence he'd become stronger than most his age. That's what his father was looking for in a successor and from his son.

"And I won't fail either." Kei said, acknowledging the important memory of his father's teaching. If only he were around to see the man that Kei had become in the absence of his clan. He was important, respected, and most importantly loyal to a people that deserved his strength as a shinobi.