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in regards to bound, i did some quick research on dragoons who the ability is based off of. there's not a lot of concrete evidence, but a lot of people have said that 75 feet is roughly the height of their jumps but of course that's just speculation. I put in 60 as a placeholder for height, but I really have no idea what to put down for length so I just left it open.

Name: Labanar Byron Barborda
Age, Sex, Race: 36, Male, Hume

Appearance and Equipment:

Labanar is a white, male hume in his mid thirties with slicked back, dirty blonde hair. The beard which covers the majority of his face is riddled with graying hairs which match with his dull, grey eyes. The corners of his mouth are contained by wrinkles, likely caused by the permanent half-smile that his lips are displayed in. A large scar is plastered across his face, reaching from the receding hairline on the left side of his head, and travelling all the way down to his chin in a jagged line, to where whatever left the mark to begin with seems to have had punctured the bone, causing his chin to become dented in.

His rather slender body is adorned in baggy cloth pants and a thin chainmail, which is covered by a heavy set of steel plate armor crafted for his highly above average height of 6' 7". Specially made gloves of rubber are covered with red guards along the arms which reach all the way up to the shoulders of the heavy plate armor, providing some resistance against the elements of fire and lightning.The baggy cloth pants which cover the lower regions of his body are tucked snugly into metal boots that have been fashioned into sharp, pointed tips by the toes. Labanar holds a small wooden knife fastened to the side of his armor, and a studded belt at his waist which holds two, blades. The first blade is a wakizashi style curved sword, with no real distinguishing features. The second weapon, is a somewhat longer sword whose blade spirals into a tip almost making it appear to be a strange and sharpened lance, however the three sharpened edges which make up the spiraling weapon most certainly were designed for the weapon's use as a sword.

Spiral Blade - One half of a whole. The Spiral blade's counterpart is known as the Inverted Spear. When the two are connected, a powerful ability is said to emerge for those strong enough to wield it. The Spiral Blade on its own is capable of expelling matter/energy around the edges of its blade and most powerfully at its point when activated. The Inverted Spear holds the opposite power, absorbing anything into it that the 'hole' of the lance comes into contact with. When two are one, an ability called "Becoming The Beast" may give itself to the wielder of the weapon.
(example, I cut someone with the blade but they have armor, so it instead hits the armor and then expels a powerful blast of energy from that point of contact, significantly denting the armor and perhaps crushing whatever is beneath.)

Wakizashi - a currently powerless and featureless blade of thirteen inches. Originally wielded by Labanar's wife.

Wooden Knife - a plain, wooden knife. one of a pair crafted by childhood friends. Labanar currently wields the one made by Gigramor, and vice versa.

Rubber gloves - gloves made of rubber, nullify electric attacks to the hands and wrists. Don't provide much in terms of defense for the rest of the body.

Red Gauntlets - Armor which covers the hands and reaches up to the shoulder. Grants immunity to the fire element when using the arms to block, but not much else.

Platemail - A set of armor consisting of two layers - chainmail, and plate armor. Rather sturdy defense against both physical and ranged attacks.

Personality and history: Labanar is and always has been one of the more cheery knights of Ivalice. He's often overlooked the darker side of going ons around him in hopes of seeing the goodness not only in himself, but in all others that he has dealt with. Even when in conflict, he would often hope to end the battles without killing the enemy - which often left him in a state of depression as he sat surrounded by the numerous men and women that he'd been forced to kill by not being able to see eye to eye.

Around his 23rd birthday, Labanar was sent out on a supposedly straightforward and peaceful recon mission alongside a group of twelve others. However, things had not been as they initially appeared. Soon after setting out, the group was ambushed, and due to Labanar's feelings about violence and bloodshed, he'd failed to take the initiative and quickly lost half of the men he'd been traveling with. After a long and arduous battle that saw to the end of every member of the scouting part save for himself, Labanar returned to his kingdom only to be told he was being dismissed from the knighthood due to his numerous failures and shortcomings.

After being dismissed from the knighthood in his mid twenties, Labanar found himself completely lost. For roughly a year after his dismissal, Labanar only lived to drink himself into a stupor, ignoring not only his own well being but that of all those around him as he lazily swung his sword and fists alike through dozens of bars across the country until the day that he found his first love, Mera; the Viera woman who brought him back to his senses and caused him to see the error in his ways once more.

Mera and Labanar lived together for four years, hunting great beasts together and joining up with numerous caravans as they traveled the country in search of a deeper meaning to themselves. The two fell deeply in love, so much so that Mera soon became pregnant with their child. Not wanting to put his newfound family in danger, Labanar chose to settle down with Mera and continue hunting beasts on his own so as to protect her and their child. Things continued well up until the second month after their daughter was born.

Once Labanar had turned 28, he'd saved up enough money that he hoped to never have to travel away again and could finally put down his sword and live his life. However, fate had different plans in store for the man. For on the second month after his daughter had been born and while he was out on a final hunting mission, he received word that Mera and his daughter had been kidnapped and were being held for a ransom that was equal to all that he'd managed to save up until that point.

In a rush, the knight hurried to the location noted on the ransom and waited to confront the men who'd taken his family hostage only to find that Mera herself was in the lead of them. The woman laughed as Labanar wept, wondering where things had gone wrong. Mera handed their child off to one of the various men behind her, stating that Labanar held no place in her heart nor in their daughters since the child wasn't even his to begin with, but one of the men's behind her. Labanar began to weep harder as he raised his sword, readying to take his wife and child back home from the men who'd kidnapped and brainwashed her into saying such things.

However, as always, things failed to go as planned and Labanar failed to meet eye to eye with anyone present on that day. The knight hacked his way through the numerous members of Mera's gang, only to come face to face with the woman herself as she brandished a wakizashi. Mera struck Labanar across the face, scarring him permanently before tragically tumbling backwards over their daughter who had fallen from the perch she'd been resting on while her true father fought the knight. Mera fell into a ravine, leaving her sword and the now dead child behind as she plummeted to her own death.

Refusing to believe any of what had happened, Labanar took the wakizashi for himself, holding it as his final memento of what he'd once had. Hoping to learn more about his family, the knight began to study the art of the Samurai, hoping to connect with the spirit within his ex-wife's blade so they could reminisce together. Monster hunting and journeying the lands was now long behind him. All that Labanar could care about now was learning the truth of what had transpired, and in order to do so he dedicated himself to his new blade.

During his meditation, Labanar was contacted by an old friend in the knighthood by the name of Gigramor Laslapur who told him of a secret program going on behind the scenes that could net him his position as knight back and clear his name if he survived the trials in wait. Labanar brushed off his old friend's invitation, wanting only to deepen his relationship with the spirits of his swords. Gigramor accepted Labanar's dedication to his own pursuits, but did not give up on the recruitment. Instead, the knight sent a number of men and women to recruit his old friend. Eventually, the ex-knight buckled and agreed to join in only because of the prospect of gaining more powers that could allow him to see more clearly his foggy past.

Since obtaining the promised powers of Project Bel, Labanar has been seen assisting the townsfolk in any way that he could while awaiting higher orders. Labanar is often seen as a role model to the other knights of the Kingmarch, as he's been more than happy to act as both a sparring partner as well as a preacher of peace and hope while still seeking more knowledge from the libraries and other Samurai on how to hone his mind and skills. More often than not however, Labanar is out with various clans, helping them with their hunts and offering protection from bandits just as he always had before.

His morals remain unchanged, even after having traversed the darkness of Project Bel and finally finding the dark truth behind his wife's intentions. Labanar remains ever stalwart a symbol of hope and sincerity, not only for others but for himself. As a man who believes that to give in to darkness once more would mean to cease to exist as he is, Labanar strives ever harder to become a light for the lost, and a rock for the sinking.

Classes: Iron Knight & Samurai

Class Skills -
active/BATTLE STANCE [B] - Iron Knight
passive/EQUIP ALL [B] - Iron Knight
demonfactor/ARCHIVE SPACE [EX+] - Iron Knight
active/LIFE TRANSFER [A+] - Samurai
passive/LIGHTNING STRIKE [C-] - Samurai
demonfactor/THE ART OF WAR [EX+] - Samurai

Personal Skills -
active/TIT FOR TAT [C+] (3) - Iron Knight

- By exerting extreme focus, Labanar can see through any armor or barrier raised by an enemy and with a single strike of his blade, take that enemy down to near-death. Can be used once a day, and only when Labanar himself is near death.

active/BOUND [A-] (7) - Iron Knight

- A massive leap or jump in any direction that occurs in the matter of four to five seconds at maximum. Can jump roughly 60 feet into the sky, or 200 feet in radius from a standing start. The ability can be used up to eight times a day, but with five minute intervals due to the stress induced on the legs.

passive/AMBIDEXTROUS [A] (8) - Iron Knight

- Years of painstaking training and dire life and death situations have saw to it that Labanar is capable of wielding weapons in either hand, and at times one in each with little or no drop in power or skill.

demonfactor/BECOMING THE LEGEND [EX+] - Iron Knight

- Within the Archive Space, there exist a great many weapons and armours once belonging to heroes of legendary status. However, finding these weapons for oneself can at times be an arduous and dangerous task without the permitting time. With BTL active however, these heroic weapons are drawn towards Labanar, allowing him to more easily take hold of their power with the drawback of losing control over his own self to the chosen weapon's memories of its previous hero. This abilitiy has a similar time limit to Archive Space due to its relation with the complementing ability. May only be used once daily.

active/BUSHIDO [C+] - (3)Samurai

- Killing is not always the answer in war or politics. At times, simply destroying the weapon of your opponent or dismantling their wardrobe is enough to settle the score for another day. By using Bushido, Labanar will focus intently on destroying only a certain part of the opponent's equipment whether it's their weapon or armor, this technique focuses on slowly ridding your opponents of options save for retreat.

passive/KANJŌ ARTS [B-] (4)- Samurai

- Emotions can be a warriors greatest weakness, or a veritable strength. Due to the deep connection that Labanar has created with his armaments, these emotions can come pouring out at any given time causing a number of different effects depending on the emotion in question and its intensity. Effects mostly range within the effects of granting or negating primary and secondary cast (low-mid tier) upon weapon or armor.

Roleplay Sample: Balfonheim