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Only a few days late but all the stronger for it! Ladies and gents allow me to introduce you to:

Name: Gelazela “Gel” Khamzour

Age: 55

Race: Bangaa

Gender: Female

Thanks to this artist for being one of three people to draw a bangaa on the internet.

Gelazela Khamzour’s scales are light orange, dried and bleached by the sun. She is short for a race known for its intimidating physical presence, standing at 156 cm.

Her age is worn on her body, featuring sagging around her neck, a drooping stance and countless scratches etched into her scales. Despite her cheerful disposition she is often misinterpreted by non-Bangaa as scowling due to her long mouth and particularly sharp teeth. Her feet and hands contort in ways that can appear painful and when she moves there are times when her joints make loud popping sounds.

While it is said that a Bangaa’s tail always grows back Gelazela has been maimed so many times that her own is far shorter than it used to be. What was once a beautiful point of pride that Gelazela would lazily cast onto the floor has been reduced to less than a meter of scales following her.

Due to her unique background as both a Solar Monk and a Silencer she has cobbled together the uniforms of both disciplines, featuring the traditional head coverings and numerous decorations of the Solar Monk with the specially crafted Silencer jacket.

For the ultimate mage-killer Gelazela does not feature a particularly harsh personality. While she takes her work and power seriously she is generally a carefree woman, content to follow her passions wherever they may lead her.

She is amicable and ready to discuss mages and the arcane from the perspective of a fighter, an enthusiast or even as if she were a seasoned magus herself. Her friendliness only runs so deep however, as she is quick to end friendships, romances and even long time partnerships if her passions lead her elsewhere in the world. She is known to abandon friends for years, only to return as if nothing had ever happened.

When she fights this friendliness vanishes and Gelazela enters a silent and brutal state. If she were to speak and engage with the enemy socially she would struggle to kill or hurt them. If she keeps herself closed they are simply targets.

Gelazela is also known for her pathological fibs. Despite her friendly nature she casually lies about things as minor as what she had for breakfast to as major as her name and background. Her lies are known to get her into trouble, often encouraging her to leave town and move wherever her heart takes her.

Gelazela was born to a small merchant family that wandered the deserts of Ivalice. Her mother, father, uncles, aunts and cousins would scavenge the hidden treasures of the desert, whether it be from tombs, corpses or corpses-to-be. These goods would then be taken into town and sold. This lifestyle was hard, but there was much to be gained from it.

From an early age Gelazela had a worldly perspective and found herself eager to soak up as much as she could about the world she lived in. She would read books and tombs before her family was able to sell them, she would make records of strange monsters that she could spy from afar and up close and she would learn from the many strangers she crossed paths with.

Gelazela is fascinated by the arcane and magic. She never had much interest or skill in practicing the art herself but nevertheless the world of magic fascinated her. Transmutation, summoned creatures and more became a world she was eager to learn more about, more than her lifestyle could provide. Her family misunderstood her interest in magic as an interest in combat and decided that another guard for their merchant caravans could not be a bad thing. Gelazela was a quiet child, eager to learn where she could and so although combat was never a field she imagined herself in she embraced the opportunity.

This began Gelazela’s training as a Solar Monk. Whereas most monks spend their days at a specific temple, Gelazela was a special case. Due to her family’s business she needed to be on the move. She hopped from temple to temple, training diligently and living between two worlds, the life of a merchant and the life of a monk.

On one dry day Gelazela was exploring the caves of the desert of Ivalice with her cat, Balfonheim. Balfonheim, or as Gelazela called him, Balf, ran into a cave that from the outside looked like any other but on the inside held a room of gold. Golden coins, golden weapons and armors and most eerily of all, lifelike golden statues of monsters and peoples alike. Gelazela was so enraptured with stuffing her pockets with gold that the footsteps entering the cave failed to reach her ears. Gelazela turned around and was face to face with three gaudily dressed nu mou and one chained bangaa prisoner. Gelazela hardly had a chance to react before the nu mou began to assault her with magic, hissing in a demonic sounding tongue.

In the chaos of battle the bangaa prisoner was freed from her chains and she began to disable the nu mou from casting their spells with the powers of a silencer. This allowed Gelazela to handily defeat all three of the attackers. After the battle the bangaa revealed that her clothing allowed her to stop any and all magic through its specially enchanted properties and that she was a hunter of those who used their magic for evil. The mysterious bangaa began to remove her jacket to showcase it to Gelazela when a blast erupted from the ground beside her from a dying nu mou. The mysterious bangaa began to contort in pain as her body turned to solid gold. Gelazela moved to kill the nu mou and ensure that the other two were dead as well but it was too late; the mysterious bangaa was now solid gold. Only the jacket she had managed to remove remained.

Guilt and horror washed over Gelazela as she realized the nature of the room she stood in. This was not a treasure trove, it was a graveyard. This spurred Gelazela’s interest in the arcane to become an obsession. She left her merchant life, cat Balf and her family behind, adorned the mysterious bangaa’s clothing and began to search the land to try to find answers about where those nu mou originated from and if there were more like them. She trained, she fought and would join any organization that may have answers or perhaps even a way to reverse the gilded curse.

This all came to a head when Gelazela enrolled in project Bel...

Classes: Solar Monk (primary class), Silencer (secondary class)

A pole that is commonly used by monster tamers, the Shock Stick is prized for its durability and non-lethal electrical shocks. The durability of the pole has made it mildly popular amongst fighters who wish to rely on a tool for less-straightforward styles of combat and guards who seek to engage in riot control. Other uses include vaulting, holding large amounts of weight and even blocking attacks from sharp blades. Although the shocks of the stick are non-lethal the force of the pole has been known to kill in the right hands. [Deals thunder-element physical damage, moderately increases block chance]

An essential item for any noble traveller, the Gaudy Cape and Cowl is as austentatious as it is practical. It is made from the fur of the softest and plumpest dreamhares of royal menageries. In order to prevent assassinations of nobles in their own homes and on the road the Gaudy Cape and Cowl has been enchanted to protect the wearer from projectiles. The Gaudy Cape and Cowl is also infamous for how flammable it is, increasing the user’s vulnerability to fire-based attacks. It is also very warm. [Increases projectile dodge chance, reduces ice damage received by 10%, increases fire damage received by 20%]

A mysterious relic of a great Silencer, the Golden Bangaa’s Jacket is not-as the name may imply-golden. Its original wearer has been turned to gold and its origin is unknown, for it is unlike any other Silencer’s gear. In addition to the normal benefits of a Silencer’s gear it grants a mysterious weightlessness that protects the wearer from the perils of gravity. [One-of-a-kind, enables Silencer abilities, grants feather-fall]

A staple of hikers, the Cleated Boots are functional and popular shoes used to help traverse unforgiving terrain. They are plain looking and bear the insignia of Dart, a famed adventuring leatherworker. They allow the wearer to resist knockback effects and have limited combat application. [Slightly increases physical damage, chance to resist knockback effects]

An Heirloom of the Khamzour Family passed down for generations. Said to bring goodluck and a long life to all who wear it. It is encrusted with multiple fine gems including rubies and diamonds. It is said that there are few merchants in the world capable of purchasing it for its true value. [One-of-a-kind, grants the wearer life-regen and mana-regen]


Class Skills

active/BLAZE OF GLORY [B+] (Solar Monk)
While fighting under the sun, the chi flowing within the Solar Monk's body increases, and in turn so, too, do their offensive capabilities. Solar Monks exposed to sunlight may opt to harness the chi flowing through their body to increase their strength and encourage faster reflexes. As a result, while active, Blaze of Glory provides a 25% boost to both their attack power and their agility. Unlike many other abilities, Blaze of Glory does not impose a heavy toll on the user's body, and thus may be used for long periods of time, as long as the Solar Monk remains exposed to sunlight.

passive/BAREHANDED [B-] (Solar Monk)
Though commonly seen wielding a pole or knuckle, Solar Monks can deal copious amounts of damage without any weaponries. While the damage they deal barehanded doesn't quite match up to what they would do when equipped with weapons, fighting barehanded allows them far superior freedom of movement and better chi control, thereby increasing their speed by 30%.

demonfactor/PRIME [EX+] (Solar Monk)
Prime is a sacred art closely guarded by the most expert of Solar Monks that allows one to tap into the deepest, most powerful reserves of their chi. This chi will then be distributed in equal measure throughout the Solar Monk's body, increasing all their parameters by 30%. Furthermore, Prime also dramatically boosts the Solar Monk's self-recovery rate, closing their wounds at remarkable speed, thus further boosting the Solar Monk's longevity. However, Prime consumes quite a large amount of chi while active, and so should be used sparingly.

active/MAGICBREAK [C+] (Silencer)
The Silencer's signature ability, Magicbreak damages the magical reserves (MP) of the target, and decreases the effectiveness of all magic they perform within the next ten minutes by 15%.

passive/DAMAGE>MP [A-] (Silencer)
While the Silencer specializes in damaging their opponent's magical reserves, they don't have much use for their own. And so, using a technique that draws on the power of their garments, all damage taken by the Silencer instead damages their magical reserves: they will only start taking physical damage once their magical reserve is completely empty.

demonfactor/SILENT NIGHT [EX+] (Silencer)
Silent Night is a technique that transforms the Silencer into a living, breathing magic seal, rendering all magic performed within a five-meter radius of their person completely powerless, and weakening all magic performed within a twenty-meter radius by 50%. This technique relies on the power of the Silencer's garments, which is not unlimited; the Silencer can only remain in this state for at most 15 minutes at a time. This technique can be used up to three times per day, provided intervals of at least two hours are present in-between.

Personal Skills

active/COUNTER [B] (Solar Monk)
When activated the user enters a state that prevents them from taking any actions. For two minutes all damage taken is reduced by 25%. When the two minutes have ended the user unleashes all the damage they have taken back at a single target at 200% damage. This ability can not be deactivated before the two minutes end. This ability can be used once every hour.

active/BERSERK [A-] (Solar Monk)
The user enters a berserk state in which they become a powerful and primal beast. All damage dealt is doubled, all damage taken is halved and all passives stay active. Weapons and other abilities can not be used and the user is unable to distinguish between friend and foe. If the user’s HP is reduced to zero rather than fall in combat they leave the berserk state and regain half of their HP. If the user’s HP is not decreased to zero they will continue to fight until there are no more foes they can fight. Due to physical strain this ability can only be activated once a day.

passive/SLIPPERY [C] (Silencer)
The user has trained their agility and mobility to allow them to dodge incoming attacks with ease. Blades and spells appear to fall of their body giving the illusion that the user is slippery and difficult to grab hold of. This ability is reduced when the user is around allies as they must take care not to deflect attacks onto those who they consider friends. Increases evasion chance by 30%, reduced by 5% for every nearby ally of the user.

passive/ALL-OUT [C-] (Solar Monk)
The user fights with a brutality that can only be considered reckless. While this allows them to deal increased damage it also means that they risk being hurt by any and all incoming attacks. Increases damage dealt by 20% and damage taken by 10%.

active/VAMPIRIC CYCLONE [EX] (Silencer)
The user unleashes a powerful and mobile swing that strikes on all sides. This attack lasts 15 seconds, and deals massive damage to those hit by the attack’s MP and HP. 75% of this HP and MP is absorbed into the user’s own pool. Due to the rejuvenating nature of this ability it can be used in fairly rapid succession but the user’s body will sustain massive incapacitating fatigue in the following days, severity directly linked to how many times the ability was used. This ability can be used twice a day.

demonfactor/BARRELING LEAP [EX+] (Solar Monk)
Allows the user to lateraly leap across the battlefield in three meter intervals, dealing damage and knockback to all in the leap’s path. These leaps can be done in quick succession to each other with no limit but each leap after the first deals minor damage to the user.

RP Sample:
The bright blue slime growled at the shock stick prodding at it and contorted its gelatinous body to avoid the painful jolts.

“Get on with it,” Gelazela grumbled as she herded the monster with a limp, disinterested hand.

The sun hang oppressively in the sky, unleashing a wave of heat that to any but a solar monk would be debilitating. To Gelazela it was the only thing keeping her conscious through the monotony. Gelazela’s eyes glazed over as she looked at her family’s makeshift ranch in the distance filled with blue slimes already.

“How’s the eighth one coming, auntie?” called Neksu as he aggressively grabbed at one of the many slimes in captivity. He was dressed in an overwhelming amount of black leather, scratched and marked by time and currently slathered in blue slime. Neksu was a dedicated crafter of potions and serums, always dreaming up bizarre concoctions and cycling through the good-will of family members to do the dirty work for him. It was Gelazela’s turn in the rotation, much to her chagrin.

“It’s comin’, it’s comin’,” Gelazela yelled back.


Gelazela was losing interest and getting sloppy. She was shocking the slime more than she should. The small creature’s protests began to turn from passive yelps to angry babbling.

“Hurry up!” called Neksu.

Gelazela shifted in anger at her nephew’s demands and accidentally lunged her weapon through the slime’s body. It screeched in agony and began to gyrate as flakes of ice slowly formed above its body.

Gelazela’s muscles moved on their own, she hoisted the pole up, suspending the slime in the air. The electricity from the shock stick danced through the beast’s translucent body but the ice flakes continued to form above it. If Gelazela did not act fast she would be frozen by the small pest.

“Magicbreak,” the bangaa whispered as her jacket began to faintly glow.

The slime continued to gyrate and bolts continued to crackle inside of it. The ice flakes weren’t dissipating fast enough, Gelazela could see that the slime was only seconds away from casting its spell.
Gelazela positioned herself like a runner about to take on a sprint. She waited one beat...

Two beats...

Three beats...

The clattering of ice began to touch the bangaa’s forehead. She looked up at the slime on her shock stick and saw his evil grin. Then she leaped through the air. What had become a light breeze suddenly howled at her. She could feel the slime’s body relax as she felt an intense chill erupt from where she stood.

Gelazela let her cleats grip the ground as she planted herself. The wind returned to normal but the slime did not move. The bangaa looked behind her. The desert landscape was suspiciously decorated with a block of ice almost two meters tall. Around the block of ice stood a collection of seven water puddles.

Gelazela kept one hand on her shock stick and put the other on her side. She walked over to Neksu’s wire fence keeping the other slimes drained of their mana in. She plopped the stick over the edge of the wire and let the manaless slime slide off of her weapon.

“Say what you will, but nothing drains mana like casting spells,” Gelazela sighed.

“Gotta make them safe to play with,” Neksu said without looking up from his work, “You know Auntie Gel, if we were to put some kind of funnel down we could drain the water from all of these blizzard spells. We could sell ‘Organic Slime Water,’ with all the freshness of nature and such.”

Gelazela turned around and began to head back to where she found the other eight slimes, “Come up with a better name ‘fore I get back and you’ve got a business partner, Neksu.”

As she slowly walked through the heat of the desert she could hear Neksu mumbling to himself in the distance.

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