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    I dabble in a lot of different art styles so just to start off I'm going to show off a few pieces from each type of art I do!

    You can see more on my instagram or tumblr under the username Writtenmaddoodles.

    Traditional Art:

    Amy Risa and Theresa Cambridge, two OCs of mine.

    A Shaymin I doodled while I was tipsy the other day.

    Amy Risa, an OC of mine.

    A deerling~

    My OC Lucky, a shiny eevee gijinka.

    Digital Art:

    My "Meet the Artist" summary.

    A birthday gift for a close friend of mine featuring many of her OCs.

    A view of the city for a story I'm writing.

    Mega Audino is prepared for battle!

    A secret santa gift for the author of the gijinka nuzlocke, Pantsing.

    My spidersona, Peacock Spider!

    Pixel Art:

    Fakemon Sprites (with original design credit [a href="[/img]here[/a]).

    Some redone fusion sprites based on their original designs when I first made them in 2009.

    Other redone sprites from 2012.

    A group of four fusions based on a soullinklocke I'm doing with a friend.

    I also recently started experimenting with the Undertale sprite style. Based on a commission from a friend: here

    Graphic Design:

    A banner of dark types.

    A gift signature banner for someone on another forum.

    An April Fool's signature banner for another forum.

    A personalized signature banner for myself.

    Another personalized signature banner for myself.

    Avatar credit to Penpeaches
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