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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    LET ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand acceptance to the brains trust!

    How well do I like them? I love them! Except biology subjects, not the biggest fan of that one at all. Science is one of my favourite things. Just like diamonds are for females.

    My favourite branch of science would have to be Physics, its just so interesting and so many cool things can happen in it! Time travel and space stuff is awesome!

    Well... Physics and Chemistry were the last I did at school and I havent really done any since then but when I head to uni Im pretty sure Ill be at least studying Physics.

    Has there been anything interesting in the science news since the Higgs Boson?
    Aw, you don't like Biology? </3 I did a Advanced Biology course in my High school. I wasn't an honor student (cause' I was called a normie) but I find it fascinating~ I thiiiink my favourite part was learning about the circulatory and vascular system - we did a model project on each of em~ (I made a lung that was made out of jello :3)

    I could of majored in Physics, buuut Social Work was more of my calling at the time~ Maybe one day I'll go back and study Chemical engineering. ;w;

    As for news, not that I know of that's 'big'. I read an article that reads that they are studying deadly breast cancer cells that share genetic features with ovarian tumors, but not much else. You can read about it here if interested:

    (and yeah I basically said the title, but... that's the jist of what the article is about xD)

    Originally Posted by droomph View Post

    I love science! I don't love some subjects as much, but they're all very interesting to learn about.

    I love chemistry the most though, for some odd reason.
    I love chem too; in grade 11 chem, I had lab work with proteins, lipids, and types of carbohydrates. *____* Well, that's what I also had to do in Biology in Grade 12. (hah, remember the periodic table song? :3)

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