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    "Ok, ok," Daiquiri waived, nodding as her wig slipped little out of place again. A quick nudge from her long, flexible tail corrected that as she tossed aside the used wet wipe, and touched her thumb and index fingers together like a frame. The Shiinotic's face in her sights, she pictured the pallid, brown-tinged skin as a blank canvas - if a little wrinkled. She hummed a bit, thinking to herself before grinning. "You're gonna zoot, I promise."

    After patting the Illuminating Pokemon dry with the seared-edged towel, she opened up her personal compact and got to work. As she carefully picked up which brushes and what pencils to use, she pulled up from her memory bank all the makeup advice she read in her magazines on what types would show best on the fungus' dry skin. In her head, she could see herself flipping through the pages of the designer book she had memorized down to the word over the years. She could see the creatures she had been told were called humans, poised in different cuts of cloth, their hair vibrant shapes and colors, their faces unblemished and decorated like fine art. Colors swirled about in her head, and she had to pick ones she felt best complimented the Shiinotic and her look.

    Her compact snapped shut. After brushing and dusting for a few minutes in silent concentration, Daiquiri jumped up from her squat, snatching up her patient by the shoulders and whirling her around to face the bathroom mirror. "OOH," she shouted with bright eyes, "SHUGS, YOU BETTER SHUT UP!"

    The lizard slithered her head right up beside the done-up face of the guest, and she snorted out a satisfied puff of smoke. "Yeah," she whispered, "shut up. Because you out here lookin' fresh like the morning just rained. I mean can we PLEASE?" As she backed off, she slapped her hands on her hips and rocked back on her heels. "Look at that color! I mean, I had to call back to your roots,
    I mean literally, what a coinkydink that the green I got on my eyes is pretty much like the green on your fingers! You're a glowing 'shroom, and ya still got some of that shine in that skin, so I had to compliment that."

    Taking a hand off her hip and slapping onto the sink counter, she jumped right up on it, slamming her butt down and making sure her tail had enough space to wrap around her side and hang off the edge without breaking anything - luckily it didn't. "Also," she said, kicking her dangling legs back and forth as she pulled out a nail file from her pocket, "I noticed that you have these gorgeous stones on you? Wow, it's like looking into, like... like a flaming black... ocean? With some green and purple chunks in it? Whatever, I don't slam poetry." She snorted and started filing at the scaly skin on the tips of her fingers. "Back to Earth, I looked at that and I was like, oh, black, okay, well, I could match that. But my black is like super black, so that was a no go, you woulda looked like somebody drew on you with marker."

    "Instead," she chirped, "I took a dark brown that I forgot I actually had on me cuz my girl Queenie left it in my pocket the other night and my skin clearly don't work brown, but anyway, yours does. So I did you up with a blend of her liner and my green shadow, keeping it simple on the face, and I did a little design on ya. A good one, like, I was inspired by this one Vivillion I saw in a book some time ago and so I was like, let's round out them shapes so it still keeps to the shape of your deep dark eye holes aaaaand look at that cute thing I did with like the feelers on you!" Daquiri pointed her nail file at the marks right above the Shiinotic's eyes. "They look like eyebrows! I drew them where your brows should be anyway, I think I felt them ridges there. But you look soooo hip! Don't you think?"

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