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    How about a Pokemon can only learn its 4 most recent moves it has learnt. For example, Chimchar's first 4 moves are Scratch, Leer, Ember and Taunt... When it comes to learn Mach Punch (its 5th move as Monferno) it must delete Scratch and learn Mach Punch and when it learns Fury Swipes it must delete Leer. (TMs and Hms aren't allowed, only for HM slaves)

    Another idea I had was to have 5 or 6 reoccuring names with all of your pokemon and they can only be replaced in the party by another with the same name. (This works well with nuzlocke).

    Say I named my starter A, my pidgey B, rattata C, ekans D, geodude E, togepi F and bellsprout B... if my pidgey faints i must switch it with bellsprout and if any other pokemon faints there must be a gap in the team. (6th in the team can be resevred for HM slave). (This idea is probably an add on rule to some challeneges but I enjoyed using this rule)

    Thoughts??? (apologies if these ideas have already been mentioned I only read a few pages of the thread)