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I was wondering if someone could help me? I just opened an old box that had old pokemon stuff in it. Old VHS tapes, a watch, a Pikachu stapler, those gold cards from the first movie and a few of the rule books or whatever from I think the big packs of cards that always had a shiny card in it or something... But in the rule books I found a few cards that I don't remember ever seeing or owning and one of them I cant find on the internet at all, so I was wondering if anyone knows or has ever seen a Japanese version of Lt. Surges Pikachu that's holographic too?
I don't remember too much about pokemon anymore and definitely don't remember this card at all, but its the one where Pikachu is running at you and suns setting. it says LV. 10 HP40. I can find the card online. but nt one that's holographic. its also got a different back. It says Pocket Monsters card game. ohh and i also found something that looks like pogs with eevee and chansey that are black and silver too.
What you most likely found was a theme deck box for Gym Challenges "Kuchiba City Gym" (since the card in question is in Japanese). Those would include those coins and tokens, which is what that Chansey coin is. Does it look like this? That's the first coin that was released for the TCG. Same with the Eevee coin, only that was released with Jungle iirc. You can sell 'em for like $2 nowadays.

I would like to see a picture of this Pikachu. Can you confirm if the numbers in the bottom right are 84/132? Neither the Japanese or English release of Gym Challenge include a promo or holo Pikachu, so visual evidence would be useful.