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Posted September 15th, 2019
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OK folks, this is what's going to be used....

For the Earth and Sky Campaign's...
If the joining players have TABLETOP SIMULATOR:

If there are players who can't afford Tabletop Simulator, We'll be using a combination of Beyond Tabletop:

... And using Google Documents for character sheet upkeep; we'll mostly be using Beyond Tabletop as the battlemap for exploring areas and so on.

For Emberwind, we'll be using GMForge or Rolisteam.

Or I'll just be dumping everything in Rolisteam....

Why not use Roll20?

I am not a big fan of a service that just deletes a large number of their user base... Especially if they do it again; I hate that.


support's Android, iOS, PC; I'm guessing there's a lot of people who post on here or view the board using their phones... Google Documents though? I don't really have an answer other than there needs to be a method of storing a custom character sheet since beyond support D&D and Pathfinder; So we're mostly using this for the shared-live-update-able-maps.

GM Forge:
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to setup here. Noone has to pay for anything, period... actually, with the exception of Tabletop simulator, all I'm posting here is free for the players to use. GM Forge is one of those systems that supports everything. Your phone? Supported. The tablet? Supported. The Mac computers? Support. Windows and Linux? Su- Everything with a web browser that supports Java is here. HOWEVER! generating the character sheet along with skills is a week long process of coding since the support for this is Terrible... I'm willing to setup here as well, I just don't want too when the folks who make it won't acknowledge any help needed with it. I can setup the character sheets here perfectly fine and even battle maps; but I can't get skills to effect the pogs and vice versa, everyone will have to adjust everything manually.

Free, Support has been more helpful than the google and their Discord is active with people who help out. Only downside is this is for PC alone.

Any of the players joining in a campaign, All they'll need to worry about setup is to just install the program or wait for instructions how to do what and I'll provide those instructions in incredibly descriptive detail.
Noone is getting left out to dry if and when I set this up.... once we get get a story picked!