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    Originally Posted by Sea_Guardian View Post
    So you can't take request starting now?
    Yup, from now until december 26th

    Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
    Hello Souless!
    How can I add a link into the banner?(as of "The Totodile Club")
    pls. help me because I'm starting a thread of the Totodile Fan Club...
    I will answer you, but I will let you know, in the first page it says that if you have a question you have to send a PM to me, and don't ask in this thread, please don't do it again.

    The metod to link images (or text) is this:

    HTML Code:
    [URL=the url you want to link][IMG]The image you want to get linked[/IMG][/URL]
    An example with an image would be this (I will use my current banner and a link to my Shop)

    HTML Code:
    It would result in this, click over it to see if it worked

    If you have any other question you can PM me

    Originally Posted by TurtleKing View Post
    TurtleKing's Request

    Size: 118x118
    Image: I'd like just the Turtwig in the Picture
    Text: TurtleKing
    Others: I want it to be a shiny green and yellow color, Thanks in advance. :)
    Sorry =[ but I'm not taking requests until december 26th. I can't go to school, enjoy the holidays and make banners at the same time, so you will have to wait, but when I return you will be the first in the list =]

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