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Posted April 14th, 2019
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Hi! Is there anyone who can help me out in Emerald Kaizo? I am stuck at the underwater seafloor pattern with Team Aqua. Each way I go, the currents send me through the entrance to the beginning of the cave. How do I do it? Thanks!
Have you made it past that part yet? I'll give you a clue if you still need it. Just let me know.
Key thing is some good memory.

Since nuzlockes are very popular, I'll soon release locations on very specific Pokémon to tackle the elite four, along with my own "play by play," if I see one casual play succeed at beating the game. They are the only ones that can get through without dying in a nuzlocke, because I'm not pulling punches when in-universe bosses are supposed to be the best in the land.

Surprisingly the first recorded play was done by nuzlocke and on twitch. Multiple attempts though.
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