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Both Curious and TurkishDelight have been accepted! Curious will represent District 4 as Umbreon, while TurkishDelight will represent District 12 as Infernape!

CURSE YOU PC FOR EATING MY POST. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what the first chapter will be. It's going to take place right *after* the reaping, so you'll be surrounded by other Pokemon who will react to your departure. You can create any NPCs in your first post such as any family members, friends, or anyone the character might now that have won the previous Pokemon Hunger Games. More info will be on the first post of the IC I'm writing up at this moment. :)

5 spots are still open right now if anyone reading this and is interested in signing up! The spots open are: Scyther, Seviper, Floatzel, Gothitelle, and Dragonair. Floatzel is still open unless Krazzik submits another RP sample. :( My activity will be lowered this weekend so I'll be a bit slow on accepting more SUs. Ryan should take a peek at this thread sometime this weekend. :)

Edit: I'll be submitting my SU for Meganium later today. :)
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