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    Finally something to post about!

    Watching TV yesterday night, its about to be 10PM, Glance down at my DS...

    I saw it just as the stars swirled around it. O__O
    Only 4 Days since I started hunting it, and it appeared! I was begining to think I'd not get any shiny this month...
    Battle time! I sent out my Staraptor and it used Hypnosis. Haha Chesto berry woke it up, then I used Endeavour to bring it to 61HP. Switched to Bronzong and Put Darkrai to sleep with hypnosis. Then switched to Gyarados and used Dragon Rage to bring it down to 21 HP. Darkrai woke up and put gyarados to sleep. Argh bad dreams...Switched over to Bronzong, Darkrai was spamming hypnosis. Chesto berry ftw though! Bronzong set it asleep again, and the ball chucking was on. Lol 15 Dusk Balls and still it refused to budge. Finally after 7 Ultra balls, it stayed in one. Darkrai, master of Nighmares was caught!! Shiny #57. Heh working with the 5 character limit, I nicknamed it "Shade" A bunch of pics now :P:
    Entering the Void, E4 Surf glitch ftw!
    Zoomed out, My DS with the elastic around it lol
    Defiance, it would not Stay in Dusk Balls! Sparkly though
    Number 000, lol Shiny Dex entry prior to Nat dex
    Shiny Red ??? yay!
    Urgh Different Jpn letters than my Timid Abra, SYNC FAIL
    English Please, it got Naughty Nature -___-' ouch
    Stats!! wonder what its Iv's are...

    LOL According to Serebii's IV calc its IVs are roughly:
    HP 1
    Att 1
    Def 8
    SpA 16
    SpD 16
    Spd 6

    Wow I've never had a shiny with such garbage IVs across the board. Oh well xD
    I'm going to beat the E4 then go for Shaymin. I'm hoping that when I SR for Darkrai in Platinum, it shines as fast as this one except with much better IVs lol. Mad props thanks to friend of mine in SPPf who sold me the early Jpn pearl. Gotta say his stuff is lucky :D!
    Good luck everyone on their hunts! Congrats to new shinies too.
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