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    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    Having friends is a pretty huge undertaking that doesn't restrict within a single section, but pretty much everywhere on PC. You'll have to be familiar with VMs and other means of talking to people, while still posting around and concentrating on the forums that you particularly fond, so that you don't spread yourself out too thinly. That being said, I think a global mentor would suit you best! There's Leaf Storm (wait I'm still unsure if Megan's available, I'll have to ask her) and Cid (that's me) with mentee spots open for you to fill in! We'll both be able to show you around the whole place in general. Only one mentor per mentee, though, so choose which of us you'd like! :) Unless the chatting part you mentioned is specifically for serious discussion about topics unrelated to Pokémon, which the Other Chat section is pretty much all about. But probably not. :p
    Okay thanks. I will decide which of you should I choose.

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