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First Map of the Quarter - 2012


As was pointed out in the introduction of the Hack of the Quarter thread, the unfortunate discontinuation of Hack of the Month left the Emulation section with very few - Well, virtually no events to bring about community participation. This is the second in a series of new events being introduced: Welcome to the first official Map of the Quarter!

Much like Map of the Month back in the depths of 2009, this competition gives people the opportunity to post maps they have made to show off their skills. To keep things interesting, there will be a theme each quarter to base your map on. Aside from adhering to the theme, your map can be set anywhere and be composed of anything. The winner will recieve an emblem to signify their great mapping abilities, because... That's about all that can be offered other than pride and bragging rights.

The submission window will remain open for 21 days, at which point this thread will be closed and three maps will be chosen by DrFuji and myself. These maps will be posted in a judging thread where there will be a poll to vote for your favourite map.

Next month will be the debut of the 'irregular' competition which will allow you to compete in a variety of competitions that differ from quarter to quarter - If you have any interesting ideas to help fill this slot then don't hesitate to contact us. Check out what this month's theme is and get mapping!

This Quarter's Theme:

Create a map where a waterfall is a central feature.

  • You may only submit one map per competition.
  • When submitting a map, please do so in spoiler tags, or in the form of a link. This is to prevent the possibility of unintended screen stretching due to particularly large maps.
  • Give credits to the makers of any tiles or tools used.
  • No complaining if your map wasn't chosen as one of the final few.
  • This thread is for map submissions and contest related questions only - Any posts not containing either will be deleted.

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