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    Originally Posted by Chatot Lover View Post
    I'm not impressed by the graphics. They could have been a lot better, regarding the fact that it's a 3DS game. I mean sure, for a Pokémon game, it does look decent.

    I just don't understand why GameFreak always lags behind.
    The graphics have improved drastically since January.

    Also, comparing to other 3DS games, this is one of the best looking 3DS games I've seen. I have played a ton of 3DS games, and they sometimes try too hard, and it ends up being less polished. Take Luigi's Mansion, for example. They tried to make things a little too graphically intense, and the frame rate often suffers.

    Also, remember that they have to include over 700 3D Pokemon models, each with dozens of different animations / facial expressions, nevermind the trainers and the region.
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