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- Progress -
It's felt like I have done a lot since the last update, although a few of the evolutions were trade evolutions though... I beat Clay, participated in PWT, and defeated Plasma at their Frigate docked at Driftveil.

- Captures -


(obtained N's)

(traded over from my White)

- Evolutions -


Pokedex - Seen: 106 | Obtained: 79

- Team -
lv. 39
- Force Palm
- Sword Dance
- Dark Pulse
- Bone Rush

Notes: Glad to get Dark Pulse at PWT it should greatly assist in future battles with type diversity.

lv. 37
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Earthquake
- Brick Break

Notes: Haven't really used Electivire as I have been using Keldeo and Lucario in training others.

lv. 38
- Aqua Tail
- Take Down
- Double Kick
- Surf

Notes: Keldeo is steadily progressing especially considering I transferred it at its basic level of 15 a few days ago.

lv. 37
- Fly
- Leech Life
- Gust
- Fire Spin

Notes: Note the greatest moveset right now, but at the end of the day Volcarona will probably have the best set.


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