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    First of all I want to thank these guys for providing basically all the information I have.
    I wouldn't have even started this hack if it wasn't for them.

    Koolboyman (ROM Map)
    Tauwasser (Scripting Compendium)
    Skeetendo Inc.

    You're a normal male student living with your family, and own pet, Eevee, in Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city of a planet called Suden where the story takes place. One day, you're woken up to get to the school immediately. It happens to be so that archeologists from the university have made a great discovery and your professor wants to talk you about it.
    At this point, your way of living changes dramatically.

    You embark on an epic adventure with your classmate Oscar in search of the special Elemental Orbs.
    Not much is known about these orbs really but one thing is for sure, they were the reason for The Crisis one thousand years ago.

    +Well-planned storyline
    +Advanced usage of all kinds of scripting commands


    You can find some by checking the further posts in this thread...


    Both were used for Dark Future when I still made it based on Crystal.
    If someone wants to make me new ones, I'll gladly accept them.

    Tools used

    Thanks also to Lin and score_under for the tools I used :)
    Using those truly quickens up the process !

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    Pokémon Dark Energy
    Some ROM hacking related stuff
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