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LV 13
- Tackle
- Growth
- Vine Whip
- Wrap

Much more has happened since my previous update! After I battled my two rivals, I had to head over to Professor Juniper's lab. After she explained everything we already knew (besides Bianca, perhaps), it was time to head out into Route 1. Bianca's crazy idea to take the first step into our very own adventure together happened, and we set out. I trained a bit and whatnot. I had met up with Cheren and Bianca once again and that is where we compared Pokémon. Bianca assured me that my Snivy is lonely, simply because it's the only Pokémon I had on my team still! I am sorry, Snivy. Just then Professor Juniper called us on the Xtranciever and we had the little video chat.

Now headed towards Accumula Town where Juniper gave myself and Bianca the tour of the Pokémon Center. It really is nice to have the center and PokéMart combined now. Once I stepped outside, everyone was rushing over to where the first meet up between Team Plasma, Ghetsis and myself occurred. They talked nonsense about Pokémon Liberation. n_n After the whole Plasma scene, I met up with N. He felt the need to hear my Pokémon! And so he did.


○ Vine Whip (Crit!) → Scratch
N wants more! Let him hear the voice of my Pokémon!
○ Tackle → Scratch
○ Tackle → ____
Victory goes to Snivy! ( Level Up - 8 → 9 )
After wandering Accumula Town some, I decided to head out to battle the first couple of trainers. Snivy reached LV 12 by the time I was just about to enter Striation City, when Bianca caught up to me asking for a battle.


○ Vine Whip → Leer
Bianca's going to give it her all!
○ Tackle → ____
Victory - Snivy!

○ Vine Whip → Tail Whip
Bianca's in trouble.
○ Potion (Bianca) → Tackle
○ Vine Whip → ____
Snivy Victory! - LV 13

Now I've just reached Striation where the first Gym Leader awaits.

'till then!


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