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The 3 little ones together could be a different form? Or similar? As long as Floor masters and redeads are both in, i will play it so that I can have Chugga's worst zelda nightmares on my team! :)

I could have the Floormasters evolve into the Wallmasters :P

That reminds me, Pokemonfying certain items within the Zelda franchise could lead to some interesting Pokemon. For example, Hookshot to Longshot to Clawshot or Arrows to Fire Arrows or to Ice Arrows or to Light Arrows, making it a branched evolution. Just try and make these items Pokemon like so they'll fit. Think Honedge, not just a floating sword with googly eyes slapped on.
I don't know if there'd be a point in turning items into monsters. I always hated that about the newer gens... Call me a genwunner(even though I like the first 3 gens) and sure, we had Magnemite, but magnets are a naturally occurring thing. Trashbags and icecream cones lol... so yeah I don't know about the inanimate objects being used for pokemon battles. However, if there was a way to do ASM hacking and allow for Key Items to be used for HM moves, I could see the master sword being used for cut, maybe even if you cut the grass it has a higher chance of a battle, and if I'm REALLY lucky and find someone who knows what they're doing, the L and R buttons could be used to switch between items or something. Just a thought, really really reaching there haha. I still think those key items should be found in a chest in the dungeon though. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

If you're still thinking about capture devices, there are a lot of possibilities, from the Bug Catching Net to the Empty Bottle. Or, how about his fairy/companion (if you choose to give him one) would attempt to "purify" the monster. xD
I was thinking about that, what if Link received an item, such as a staff or something that needed a certain type of crystal or something to capture and use the monsters? There could be weaker crystals(or whatever), like the pokeball, etc etc etc to the Masterball type crystal? the animation for him sending out the Pokemon would be him using the staff or something. You'd need to buy the crystals from the shops of course.

I really don't think making items into Pokemon is a good idea, it would take away from the immersion of the hack and wouldn't really feel like Zelda. It'd feel like...well, Pokemon with a Zelda texture.

If the items were really going to be used in battle, why not just use them as separate versions of Link (as in, in Sprite and moveset)? This was an idea I had for one of my other non-Pokemon ideas, but creating a separate version of Link that uses that item would work just fine, as it's basically Link equipping the item.
You're on the same page as me I see. There's the open Fishing animations, as I probably won't need that.... maybe. I dunno yet, but it could be used for the sword I guess.

Thanks for the replies guys, you're really helping me flesh this thing out.

Still working on Moosh's shading, here's the progress.