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Originally Posted by Steven Stone View Post
Do you like the sunrise?

Hahah, I'll stop with the dusk / dawn thing. But wow, not many people use their real names as their users. That's why I asked!
Actually, yes! I am very much a morning person, and I find being out and about when the sun has just risen to be very calm and peaceful...almost eerily so.

I think most people assume I picked the name for the Pokemon character because I have returned to my current avatar more than once. xD

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
What games are you looking forward on getting?
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Beyond that, not a whole lot right now. I'll grab Disgaea 1 when it gets released, I have passing interest in Octopath Traveler and Shining Resonance, and I'm actually quite interested in LEGO DC Super Villains for some reason. But apart from MHGU nothing has me really excited persay.

Originally Posted by Gabriel8897 (Hello) View Post
What are your favorite food?
What kind of people you dislike?
Do you have a real name?
What is your race? (i mean, color)
What is your most disliked game?
Why is your name dawn?
- I like shortbread biscuits :3
- I dunno...I don't really have a kind of person I dislike. There are just aspects of people that I don't like. People are more complicated than being just a "kind" of person, so it's an individual thing.
- I do have a real name!
- I'm white and nerdy English~
- Persona 4 Golden. It's the only game I find offensively bad. Like, really offensive.
- My name is Dawn because my name is Dawn. xD
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