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    Originally Posted by toxictwinkie View Post
    quick question:

    Why didn't the 150 Pokemon trend continue to Gen 2 3 and 4? it just settled to a bit over 100. I wish was they added an exta new 50 to each gen.
    While there is no official answer for your question, the following answers might be able help you:
    • Memory capacity, adding a Pokemon means adding pile of data, moveset, stats and more;
    • Out of ideas, maybe their limit reached there and couldn't create anymore, so they have to stop there;
    • Unreleased and/or Out of place, there's a rumor that Shellos was going to be in RS, but couldn't make it there. Maybe the GF crew thought that Shellos does not fit in the Hoenn region.

    Hope that helps a bit! :)