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    Originally Posted by CronicHigh View Post
    Something about Gen 6 when I first seen it really caught my eye and gained my full attention.
    I started reading up on it, and determined that I definitely want to get back into the game.
    I never thought I'd say that a Pokemon game was my can't miss game of the year, that I'm for sure getting on day 1.
    However, I know nothing of Gen 4 and 5, besides what I've seen on YouTube.

    As the topic says, I haven't played since Gen 3, and haven't touched the card game in even longer.
    I want to get back into the mix, but where do I even begin at?

    I've heard alot has changed since the R/S/E days, and the new game looks beautiful.
    I'm so excited for it, but also scared that I'll be lost when building a decent team, training my pokemon, or know what I'm doing in general.
    The biggest single change since Gen 3 is the physical/special split, which was instituted in Gen 4.

    Refresher - attacking moves either run off of the Attack stat and are countered by the Defense stat, or run off of the Special Attack stat and are countered by the Special Defense stat. Up through the third gen, the distinction was by type - Grass, Water, Fire, etc. were special and Fighting, Flying, Rock, etc. were physical. From Gen 4 on, each individual move is either physical or special, regardless of type. So there are special Fighting moves and physical Water moves and so on, so you can better match STAB moves to a particular pokemon's stats. So now you can teach your Gyarados a physical Water move, or teach your Breloom a physical Grass move, or teach your Claydol a special Ground move, or whatever.

    Beyond that, most of the mechanics have remained the same. The only other really big change I can think of is in Gen 5 - TMs are now infinitely reusable instead of single-use, so you can teach any TM move to anything that can learn it instead of having to struggle to choose the one that's going to get to learn it (or as I tended to do, saving the TM "just in case" and ending up never using it).

    I'd suggest playing at least a selection of the intervening games before Gen 6 comes along, just to get the hang of the changes. Maybe start with Platinum, which is to Gen 4 as Emerald is to Gen 3 (or Crystal is to Gen 2). It combines all the best features of Diamond and Pearl and adds a bunch of additional stuff. The only really notable change at that point was the physical/special split, so everything else should be familiar.

    If you enjoyed Gold and Silver, you might try Heart Gold or Soul Silver for the nostalgia. That has the advantage of including the physical/special split (and a few other, less significant but amusing features) in a familiar setting.

    Then play either Black or White, and if you only play one of the later games before you play Gen 6, make it one of those two. They were designed specifically to "reboot" the series - they contain all the new features and an all-new pokedex, with no pokemon from previous gens (until the post-game). Playing one of those two is going to throw you head-first into all the changes, but that's exactly what they were designed for anyway, so you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.