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    Originally Posted by Sylvie View Post
    Here's your team, i hope you enjoy it :)

    Trainer class: Aspiring author
    Ever since you were a kid you've dreamed of being a famous author. Nothing got your blood pumping like the thought of seeing your books on shop shelves. You've spent most of your waking hours daydreaming and planning the perfect novel to launch your career; one that publishers would recognize as a true work of art. But you're stuck. No matter what you plan you're just not satisfied with any of the mediocre novels you've half finished. Determined to remove this writers block you decide to go on a pokemon journey and see the world a little. Gaining the title of champion could only give your future career a boost too - after all the current champion parades around as an actress...suddenly the idea hits you. Your book will document your journey to becoming the champion!
    Team: *since you're first pokemon isn't available until route 5 you may use your starter until then
    Fighting, Quirky, Mammal
    Steel, Art (swordplay these days can be considered an art), Variety of colors (look how colorful its sash is throughout evolution)
    Poison, Batman, Brock (he gets one in the anime)
    Pangoro: This Pokemon has appointed itself as your guardian. At night he must lead the team, counting on his intimidating appearance to ward away thieves and danger.
    Aegislash: This Pokemon has a reputation to uphold as a steadfast guardian of kings. it must always be the strongest Pokemon in your party and learn at least 1 move of a different type to it for coverage in battle
    Crobat: This Pokemon dislikes water, it will switch out if it rains or if the opponent has a water type
    Special trainer missions:
    One day i'll be famous: Name your Pokemon after your favourite authors (or authors you know of if you don't have many favourites)
    Grabbing the readers attention: Having both high and low moments is what grabs the reader and gets them on your side. When facing and important battle (gym leaders,rivals) you may only use a maximum of two healing items in that battle. The exception being Team flare. No one wants the bad guys to win.
    This is great! I like the added challenge with the limited healing. I'll start this as soon as I can.
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