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    Originally Posted by TechnicolourMemecoat View Post
    I've never done a challenge before and I've just completed another playthrough of Moon so I'm looking for something interesting to do.

    Username: TechnicolourMemecoat
    Game: HeartGold
    Gender: Male

    a) Favourite colour:

    b) Select one of the following which best describes you:
    (Brains, Beauty, Brawn, Brave, Blissful)

    c) Favourite Animal:
    Tawny Owl

    d) Where would you rather be:
    (Beach, Forest, Volcano, Marsh, City, Graveyard,Snowy Field, Desert, Large Meadows.)

    e) Favourite Food:
    Jam Tarts

    f) Do you see yourself as more masculine or feminine than others of your gender? If yes, then which one?

    g) Which one are you most like? Good or Evil
    Bit of both

    h) Would you rather be slender or muscular?

    i) Which do you prefer?
    (Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians, Bugs, Fish, Birds or mythical creatures)
    Birbs :3

    j) List top three favourite Pokemon types in order of preference.
    Flying, Grass, Ice

    k) What Pokemon do you hate (no more than 5)
    Lucario, Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Emolga, Scrafty

    l) What profession do you aspire to be most?
    Footballer ( player if you're of a North American persuasion)

    m) Do you rather dress with a variety of colour or in earth tones?
    Earth tones

    n) Name a person that Inspires you?
    David Attenborough

    o) What is your favourite music?

    p) What is your favourite non-religious holiday?
    Can Christmas count because I'm an atheist? If not, probably Burns Night. I ****ing love haggis.

    q) What is your zodiac sign?

    r) Where in the world would you love to travel to?

    s) Would you rather be smart and unattractive or attractive and unintelligent?
    Smart and unattractive, because I already am.

    t) What colour do you loathe?
    Grey. Although I don't loathe it, it's just boring.

    u) ON a scale of 1-10, how confident are you?

    v) Favourite type of Subject (Art , Science Geology, Ect)

    w) Name one talent of yours.
    I'm pretty good at throwing sweets up in the air and catching them in my mouth.

    x) Describe yourself with three adjectives. Example: smart, kind, pretty
    Intelligent, distant, perpetually annoyed by humanity.

    y) Which Pokemon trainer from anime/games do you identify with most?
    Gladion. I like my own company, I hate stupidity/laziness/incompetence, and I anger easily, mainly when confronted with stupidity/laziness/incompetence.

    z) What type of Pokemon do you loathe?
    Most Fighting types, and 80% of Gen 5 Pokemon.
    Okay I struggled a bit with this one but here you go, let me know if you have any problems/questions :D


    The Attenborough Protege

    You’ve watched every documentary growing up! You know everything there is to know about most of the Pokemon on your planet thanks to Attenborough’s in depth explanations on each of their habitats and lifestyles but there’s one issue, he hasn’t covered your home region yet, but you know it’s happening soon. A recently announced competition from the production company behind the documentaries presents the perfect opportunity to impress him, if you can show him how well you know the Pokemon of this region then maybe, just maybe, you could help him find some of the Pokemon and finally get a chance to meet your hero.


    Tawny owl, brains, birbs

    Rock, earth tones, muscular

    Angers easily, footballer (looks sporty), perpetually annoyed by humans

    As you said you dislike a lot of fighting types here's a bonus 'mon if you'd rather use this instead

    Distant (probably in the wrong way), smart and unattractive, good and evil (Slowpoke=good Shellder and the biting=evil)

    Noctowl: With smarts like these, this Pokemon becomes jealous easily. This Pokemon demands to be involved in every gym battle, if not it will refuse to battle along the next route.

    Rhydon: Eager to please and proud of its power, Rhydon doesn’t wanna waste any time with status moves. This Pokemon refuses to learn anything that isn’t an attacking move.

    Primeape: Always angry and ready to fight, Primeape insists upon leading the charge when facing significant members of Team Rocket or when facing off against your rival.

    Slowbro: Smart but slow, Slowbro can’t remember more than one attacking move of the same type. E.g could not learn Water Gun and Surf but could learn Surf and Rain Dance


    The Competition: In order to win, one must obtain the Champion Title! But that isn’t all, trainers must demonstrate their knowledge of the local Pokemon by having at least 100 seen in the pokedex and 30 captured in order to prove your worth.

    Football Career: Although this opportunity is too good to waste, you don’t want to forget about your potential career as a professional footballer. Competing in and winning each course at the Pokeathlon Dome should keep your skills sharp.

    Hope you have fun!
    <3 Love Into The Light <3