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The Elite Six

First Quarter 2013
"Welcome, to the official announcement of the first Roleplay Awards of 2013! I am your host and leader of the Elite Six, Champion Lance. We find ourselves here again to showcase. Each category has been carefully chosen by a team of fine roleplayers who agree with me that even invisible talent should be shown to the world (or in this case, the community).

So, without further ado, let's get on with it!"

Best Rookie Roleplay
Youkai Academy

Youkai Academy is a remake of an older RP that unfortunatley did not take off. However--this time around it took off with flying colors, partially due to some hard work on the GM's part. Accomodation is a large part of appealing to a large audience, and Youkai Academy appears to have done that well, going so far as to create a new race in their world so that a new player would feel inclined to join. It's not completely clear what specifically got at least a dozen RPers to join Youkai Academy. It could be the interesting race templates provided by the GM that gives the RP a feeling of diversity, or it could be the school setting providing for a flexible area where character development can thrive. Either way, the results don't lie. Youkai Academy easily earned this award.

Best Veteran Roleplay
Pokémon Fallout

Fallout is succesful because it pushes the boundry of how dark a roleplay can be while simultaneously providing a solid, well thought out plot which in turn provides for a unique and interesting sandbox world where players are truly in control. Yellow employed very unorthodox GMing techniques when making this RP, redefining the standards by which an RP could be run in favor of flexibility and giving every RPer equal input into the story, resulting in the RP focusing less on achieving some win condition but rather on exploring the possibilities of a world where little to no limitations are set in place. This RP set the trend of offering RPers the choice of writing an opening post as their sign-up instead of a detailed history and personality analysis of the character, a trend that was later implemented in such RPs as The Pokemon Trainer Academy in an effort to entice RPers by getting them involved right off the bat. We've been passively monitoring Pokemon Fallout for several RPAs, and are confident in saying that it has come time to give this RP recognition through this award.

Most Original Roleplay
Reapers: Keepers of the Balance

Reapers is a unique idea that this forum hasn't seen before. Take this, a bunch of humans who aren't necessarily dead but more along kept in limbo to serve as guardians. They aren't the good guys, but also aren't the bad guys either. They simply exist to keep a natural balance in place and make sure life runs smoothly for the rest of us. The rp itself does allow for some cool character creation, allowing the players to even attach super powers to their reapers and while that concept isn't new, the ideas on various demons and the jobs reapers are assigned to perform truly are. The IC thread truly exploded with activity when it was first released showing the desire that it's members have for this setup. Even though the posting slowed down after a while the group has already tackled vampires and nomads attempting to summon a demon. The posting of the members is rather detailed at that, but I have yet to have read a group taking on a vampire in another rp. Cudos to you Reapers and may you live long and prosper!

Best Rookie

When Somniac first joined the forums she seemed to be a lackluster rper. Her first posts in the IC thread of PTA weren't anything special, but as time progressed she began to prove herself. Her posts have since then become much longer and filled with juicy content. As time has progressed her character in PTA has gained a more defined personality. Her posts even have unique layouts to them! That takes time to research and experiment with. Feel proud Somniac and may you continue to give us excellent posts!

Most Improved

When ShinyDiamond first joined the site it would be a lie to say his behavior as an RPer was appropriate, or even acceptable at all. If he hadn't improved, he likely wouldn't be with us in the RPC today. One could go on for ages talking about what used to be issues however, but this award is about what has changed. Since then whether it be simple tolerance or a greater understanding of Roleplay Etiquette ShinyDiamond has changed his ways and become a roleplayer that other roleplayers can tolerate in turn, and even enjoy the presence of in a roleplay. While he still has quite a ways to go in terms of self-improvement, as do many, it would be a crime against the very basis of this judge panel to ignore the relative 180 he's done already, and by that virtue we were happy to conclude that he deserves this award more than any other member on the board.

Commitment is what drives RPing. It requires commitment from RPers and even more from its GMs. It is not easy juggling "real life" and roleplaying, but Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers manages to not only overcome this daunting obstacle, but she also manages to GM multiple role-plays, each taking a simple concept and expanding it into a compelling role-play. If this alone was not impressive enough, Red has assembled a cast of RPers that are throughly engaged in the story she is telling. They are excited to post and get involved in the process of story telling (one look at the number of posts in the OOC should be indication enough of this achievement). Excited, committed role-players drive the success of any given role-play and many die down because of the inability of the GM to develop any sense of enthusiasm in the cast. Red does not have the trouble, giving her RPers freedom to operate and let the creative juices flow. Red is easily one of the best GMs on the board and it is about she gets this long deserved honor.

Best Sign-Up Writer
雷影 イチロ

Commonly known as Ichiro, the magnitude of his writing ability may not be able to be expressed in a single paragraph. But each of his sign ups he creates for every new roleplay he joins gives us a little taste of what he is capable of producing. Ichiro’s writing is top notch, and his creativity knows few bounds, providing us with of excellent characters from a variety of backgrounds that complement his writing talent. He is most deserving of the award for best Sign-up writer.

She puts a lot of her effort into helping the other players with pretty much anything, even if it means she has to direct them to someone she thinks would help them better than she could. If one was ever in need of getting an opinion in the discussion thread, it has been documented that she was never shy to pass along her help, if she could. The effort she expends in helping others is second to none, and this is why she deserved to win the Most Helpful Roleplayer.

Best Roleplayer
PkMnTrainer Yellow

The GM of the long-running Pokémon Trainer Academy, it's been a long, long, long, disappointing road to Marin getting this award, but she's finally done it! She has quite a penchant for cannibalism, as many of you may know, and seems to have the ability to turn being eaten alive — among everything else she comes up with — into an enjoyable (if not awkward and laughable) experience. That said, you'd be hard-pressed finding any point where you'd want to stop reading her posts, or seeing the quirkiness of her characters. If you do, read the next sentence and you're on board again.

And that's it! Thank you all for your patience, we'll see you in the next RPAs!

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