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    Mmm, well, I guess the main problem with adding new types is that incorporating a new type in Gen VI would take so much more work than it did in Gen II. Gen I into Gen II had 150 pre-existing Pokemon, two of which had Steel retrofitted onto them. Gen I had no IVs to speak of, so Hidden Power couldn't have been an issue. Gen VI has almost six times the Pokemon Gen I had, without adding any new Pokemon. There are detailed IV and Hidden Power mechanics that rely on the type chart as it is now. I'm not saying a new type is impossible, and I'm no programmer, but it seems to me that the amount of work involved in throwing in a new type would be pretty ridiculous.

    My opinion about these balanced issues; I'd like to ask, is everything as balanced as we're going to get, or can it be more balanced? To be fair, I really wouldn't go out and say that everything right now is "balanced" because I don't think anything can be truly "balanced" in sense that people would always use the next best thing in order to win, especially when it comes to pokemon, because people don't normally use pokemon in high tiers that are about 2x weak to stealth rock with a ton of weaknesses (ie. pure Ice, Fire and Bug typed pokemon) which is why I'm thinking that anything can be fair game, including new types, at this point of speculations.

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