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    Skye glanced over at Duster and Leena. Ellie yawned at the Ghost and threw a Shadow Ball at her."Ya shouldn't do that," she murmured gently. "Can't guarantee your safety if I don't focus on him." She flicked her tail at Volca, who was practically screeching his indignation. Skye observed this out of the corner of his eye before looking peacefully over at Duster.

    "Suh-Something wruh-wrong wi-wi-with Bri-h-iahn?" he asked her. Though his expression didn't change, even as Volca shouted what appeared to be some very foul words at him, a gem of dismay glittered in his aqua eyes. "Wuh-wuh-was he ih-in that boh-boh-bombing?" If he was, Skye would drop everything and see to him or whatever it was that was so important. Brian liked keeping his Pokemon close. He willingly let them explore, but usually you found them together. And Brian had class now, so... that was impossible.

    Rama licked at his matted fur, grumbling to himself in pain.


    She looked around at the children, seeing them wandering and looking around in a complete confusion. Mentally, she sighed. She had seen this one coming, at least in part. "Riley," she murmured. The Raichu blinked sleepily from where she had been dozing and popped up, tottering over. "All o' ya'll have a team member to fight with and a pair up?" There was a whole lot of mumbling before she shook her head. "Then battle! What kind of trainers are you?" This got shouts of indignation but she shrugged. "Take your hurt egos somewhere else kiddos."

    Ash crossed her arms. 'I'm here to teach you what I can. This world ain't pretty and this here Academy has more skeletons in its closet than a lot of League Champions I'd wager. However, I can't teach you if you don't try to learn on yer own. Ya dig? So, move! Follow the opponent's attacks and make sure you and your partner are out of the way. Whoever stays still for longer than five seconds of the opponent attacking will get Riley or myself knocking their legs out. IF your opponent's legs are knocked out, you'd better press that advantage!"

    "We clear?" Riley squeaked deeply, grinning like a clown.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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