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The Shiny Zigzagoon (Partie Deux)

After a somewhat failure and a Shiny Lotad, we decided to take on Route 102 once more.

We get started and Graine comments on how it would be funny he gets a Shiny Seedot, or that I get another Shiny Lotad. I glare at him. No. We seem just as unlucky with Zigzagoon as the last time.
I check my Dex Nav and it says we encountered about 700 Zigzagoon. Suddenly, Graine starts laughing,
and he shows me his console.

Soapy: It looks like a roasted nut!
I keep on hunting while he catches his Shiny Seedot. I'm hungry and annoyed so I tell Graine we should stop and try again later. But then, a few hordes later, I see her: a Shiny Zigzagoon. Finally. I almost fall on the ground with happiness.
Graine: Give it a nickname!
Soapy: Nah
Graine: Call it Zigzaroux!
Soapy: OMG yes.

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