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The Shiny Sandshrew

After a long break of Shiny Racing, Graine was casually playing Banjo Kazooie. He was at the last level, and suddenly....everything went black. The power went out; stranded in the dark,
we decided to go Shiny Hunt that Sandshrew in Route 111.

We arrive in the desert, and I comment how boring this will be since there's only Sandshrew hordes here. Seriously what was I thinking. But we cannot back down since Sandshrew won the poll. Plus, it's a very cute Shiny. We were talking about work, Graine explaining something that had happened, when I hear it, the Shiny sound. It couldn't have been from my game. He turns his console to me very quickly, while carrying on explaining the work story. He has no reaction, like it was super common for him. Well actually they are, I'm sure he's cheating what the hell.

Soapy: Please don't hit the wrong Sandshrew
Graine: *screams*

After almost giving me a heart attack, he laughs, showing me his newly acquired Sandshrew, in a fitting Nest Ball.

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