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    Rion Mazer

    Rion's crying had faded slowly into sniffling. However, he hadn't quite pulled up the strength to peek his head out from the covers. Instead he had let out his other two Pokemon. Alan was perched on a chair, preening calmly. Dante was in a corner, comfortably curled up in sleep. Deena had been growling softly the entire time in the human boy's ear, red eyes closed as if feigning sleep. Dante sniffed the air softly and let out a quiet, mewling bark.

    When the knocking hit the door, Rion was still startled, burrowing himself deeper into the fabric despite how warm it was. Very little could be unbearably hot to this boy, so he simply engulfed himself in the embrace of the covers. Well, almost.

    "Do you want to let them in Rion?" Deena asked softly. Rion was still for a moment, rather confused by the question. This was her room too, shouldn't she have a key? It didn't occur to him that she could simply be being polite. Too confused and distraught to make heads or tails of any of this, he nodded shyly. Deena gave Alan a quiet nod. Alan flew over to the door and carefully twisted the handle to pop the door open. Leaving it ajar, the Pokemon flew back to his perch, watching the other two warily.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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