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Originally Posted by pokedialga View Post
It would look better if the life of guardians looks fancier...
yah... remember that I stink at graphics... :P

Originally Posted by hack99 View Post
Nice screen you made destinedjagold. Which now reminds me, are going to put Shaymin in the game in it's sky form? Or is Shaymin not in the game.
well, of course! ^^

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
If a Pokemon is in a Titlescreen, it is most likely, no, I
mean, 100% going to be in a Hack. (That's how you make a guess on

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
Well, the titlescreen is sure better from the previous two o_O
I know... :D

Originally Posted by naoi. View Post
Wondering title screen. :D

Anyways, good luck~

Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
I doubt that you know womanizer..
and I also doubt that he is on pochecommunity because he doesn't know English XD
however it has been a pleasure friend...
continuous so because your hack is coming well really a lot ;)
Good luck!
oh, I see.
I'll edit the credits and add the both of you when beta 2 is available.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Great work djg :) That title screen looks cool :) but you could add Lucario :) but it's great anyway. I can't wait to play next beta :D
Lucario isn't really an important PKMN in the hack, though~

Originally Posted by Feraligatr master View Post
Im surprised you are remakeing the originals, however i wish you and your team the best of luck in it, of corse im really looking foward to ROL remake as it is my personal favorite hack out of the RD Trilogy, well so far at least ^^
I'll remake them~

Originally Posted by Agent of Pokemon View Post
This hack seems great, I'm going to test it out soon, after I download the Ruby Rom and the IPS Patcher. Did you create the music yourself, or download it from somewhere else?
The Gym Leader's battle music in beta 1, I composed it myself, but for the others, they're from other sites who provides midi musics~

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
Obviously DJG Downloaded the musci from the web.

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
I don't think so. He specifiaclly told us that HE made them.