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    Rustboro Gym:

    Skipper, Level 16
    Relaxed Nature | Torrent
    Bide, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap Water Gun

    Karma, Level 6
    Quiet | Run Away
    Tackle, Howl

    Zigglypuff, Level 2
    Brave | Pickup
    Tackle, Growl, Cut

    Pikablu, Level 4
    Sassy | Huge Power
    Tackle, Defense Curl
    Note: I only used Karma for Double Battles and Zigzagoon and Marill is Not really Team Members, I just Caught them, I also caught a Cascoon but I put it in the box so Who Cares? Roxanne is Too Easy but Nosepass gave me a Challenge and This is a Nuzlocke so I missed out a Shroomish.
    Let me Know If I'm doing Wrong.
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